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Your Personal Manual For Finding & Marrying A Korean Mail Order Bride

Korean mail order brides are cute, stoic, pragmatic, and extremely beautiful. Would you like to have a wife like this? We are sure you would. But how much do you know about them? We assume you think that Korean brides are also mercantilist, submissive and «artificial» as they have gone through many plastic surgeries. Is it so? Then you need to learn more about Korean brides before you try to approach them, otherwise, it will turn into a failure for you.
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South and North Korea are two different countries with distinct political system, but they have lots of similarities in culture due to the past. For example, all Korean people respect their parents and old people, all are competitive and short-tempered, they have the same holidays and love spicy food. Why should this concern you? Because dating South Korean mail order brides and brides from North Korea is almost the same too.

Find out here how to date a Korean woman and finally marry her.

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Have you ever had a desire to come to Asia to look for your better half? There is no more need to do so as the online dating platforms make the whole process of dating easy and accessible through the Internet. If you are keen on, say, Korean mail order brides, you can find many of them on AsianDate. The site is famous for its high quality of communication tools, as well as for the big database of single Asian ladies who are ready for a serious relationship. If you dream to find a good wife, it is easy to do on AsianDate.

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Looking for love? Dating sites like can be a huge help. There are so many pretty and interesting Asian ladies who dream to marry a man from a foreign country. For instance, you can take your chance on mail order brides from Korea who are known to make very good life partners. They are smart and witty, and also very beautiful. There are a lot of single ladies like that on Asian Feels, so there are no reasons why you shouldn’t give the dating website a try!

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Asian girls tend to be the most popular mail order brides in the whole world. You can’t deny their beauty or the great personality traits. For example, Korean women are known for their easy mind and wonderful optimistic nature. Are you intrigued already? You can meet those beauties on Asia Charm. This dating platform has proven to be one of the most effective Asian mail order bride venues, so if you have been looking for a decent one, consider as a good option. Getting a bride online is possible now!


Why are Korean mail order brides special?

Overall, Korean brides are very cute and flirting. White men attract them like a magnet, and they always pay attention to the financial status of their bridegroom. Korean women are open both for hookups and serious long-term relationships, and if you find the right Korean girl, she will be the most loving and caring person for you.

It is definitely worth dating and marrying a Korean mail order bride, but let’s first look at some differences that girls from two Korean countries have.

South Korean brides

South Korean brides are much more westernized than their North Korean counterparts. These ladies speak English better, and listen to Western music, apart from K-pop, which they are obsessed about. Many South Korean women are obsessed with plastic surgeries. Don’t worry, they don’t become unrecognizable after operations – they usually get the double eyelid surgery and get botox injections.

When it comes to wedding, South Korean mail order brides also prefer the Western style. They would wear a stunning white dress, invite guests to a fancy restaurant and afterwards go on a honeymoon. What’s similar about wedding culture in both countries is that the man is expected to purchase a house and the woman – to furnish it.

North Korean brides

On the contrary, North Korean brides prefer more modest weddings in the house of a girl or her groom, or a local restaurant. Instead of stunning dresses, North Korean brides wear a traditional outfit and expect the guests to bring the cash and various utensils for the future domestic life with a husband.

Let’s go back to daily things, though. If South Korean mail order brides are free to wear whatever they want, girls in North Korea are more humble in their fashion. They would rather wear a black skirt and a white blouse than a bright dress.

Also, North Korean girls are less Internet-addicted compared to their neighbors who can spend hours watching Tik Tok videos.

korean girl

The appearance of Korean girls

Women in Korea are extremely attractive. They are some of the most beautiful females in Asia. Men long for dating them because of their appearance.

They look adorable

Korean brides look like angels. They have round, oval or triangle faces, beautiful white skin, straight dark hair and cute narrow eyes. South Korean girls love to emphasize their beauty with various makeup tricks, they often make their cheeks and lips pink.

Korean girls are in great physical shape

Korean mail order brides are usually petite like most Asian girls. They are thin or slim because they do exercises regularly. They are charming in their body language, no one can stand in from of Korean male order brides!

Korean girls don’t mind plastic surgeries

South Korea is considered the capital of plastic surgery in the world. It is not something out of the ordinary to get a double eyelid or nose job among girls in South Korea. We know, it may sound weird to you, but it is really popular there, among guys too! If you want to date a Korean girl but are afraid that she will be «artificial» – don’t worry. Plastic surgeries are done so well in South Korea, that girls still look natural and even more stunning!

korean lady

What are the traits of Korean brides?

Korean mail order brides have very nice personalities. This is another reason why men are eager to marry them. Let’s see what exactly attracts men in Korean mail order brides.

Korean girls are stoic

If Western girls easily express their opinion on anything, complain about what they don’t like and praise what they adore, Korean girls look like zen masters against their background. They are calm, peaceful and stoic – no matter what happens to them, they want to be overwhelmed. Well, they will be, but they will never let others know about it.

They are respectful

Respecting others is a big deal in Asia. Korean brides most of all respect their parents and older people. If you want to win the heart of a Korean woman, show respect to her and her parents.

Korean brides are very honest

It seems that many Korean women don’t even know what lying is. They are very sincere, straightforward and honest. It is a huge advantage of having a relationship with a Korean girl, not only because you can always rely on her, but also because she is naive and you can pull her legs for fun!

korean brunette

Why do Korean girls become mail order brides?

In different countries, women have different reasons for marrying foreigners. Some are tired of local mentality, others are not happy with their fellow citizens. What are the reasons for Korean mail order brides to seek husbands overseas?

  1. They are attracted to white men. It happened historically that Korean women get attracted to Western men. They believe that guys from the US or Europe are more handsome (because they are white), better educated and in a better financial state.
  2. Korean brides want to experience true love. In Asian culture, marriage is mostly about respect support and materialistic things. But Korean girls now know there are other things. They have absorbed the image of romantic love as the basis for the marriage from Hollywood movies, and now they want to experience the same!
  3. They want a secured future. In Asia, everyone is expected to over-perform at work. If you leave your workplace at 6 pm, you’re lazy. Many Korean women stay at work for 9-11 hours, accomplishing the endless tasks from bosses. Apart from working hard, they are also expected to cook at home and take care of children. Marrying a foreign man would put an end to this vicious circle in which Korean girls are stuck.

Are Korean brides potential perfect wives?

Should you marry a Korean mail order bride? Will she be a good wife for you? We believe so, but before you make your final decision, look through the list of traits that Korean women possess (and that’s what makes them great wives!):

  • Husband is very important in the life of a Korean woman (she will do anything for him)
  • She’s not submissive but humble and respectful
  • A Korean wife is dedicated to working, but the family is still her priority
  • She is very caring and supportive
  • A Korean wife will never cheat on you, never
  • But they are very jealous, so be careful
  • Korean ladies are particularly good at raising kids
  • They can cook delicious food

So what do you think? Are you into dating Korean brides now? We guess you need to know some tips before you start.

korean beauty

How to date Korean beauties?

Korean ladies are peculiar when it comes to dating, so make sure you master how to date them before it’s too late:

  1. You are expected to pay in restaurants, cinemas, etc. Never split the bill. If you do, a Korean woman will think you are poor, cheap, or greedy.
  2. Give her presents. Yes, Korean girls look for love in relationships nowadays, but old materialistic narratives are still on their mind (check the previous point).
  3. Don’t kiss her in public, especially if you’re in Korea. It’s just not common in her culture, and she may take it wrongly. However, you can hold her hands at any time.
  4. Support her desire to celebrate all small anniversaries and get couple bracelets or mugs. No comments.
  5. If you want to marry her, meet her parents first. It’s all about showing respect both to her and her family.

Here’s how a Korean wife will spice up your life

  • You will stop wearing shoes in your house. You Korean wife will never let you in if you’re wearing something on your feet. Never. The house must be clean.
  • You will start loving Korean food. For your Korean wife, it’s easier to cook what she knows than learn the recipes from your cuisine. You will also get used to Korean weird fermented food and Kimchi.
  • You will be careful with what you say. Korean wives are superstitious.
  • Once your kids are born, your Korean in-laws will move into your house. No questions. You need someone to take care of kids besides your wife, don’t you?
  • Your children will be speaking two languages. Your Korean wife will make sure they speak Korean at least.
korean mail order bride

Top myths about Korean brides debunked

Many men are cautious to marry Korean brides because they believe they might be working too much and having no free time. Others are worried because they believe Korean girls are gold-diggers and want nothing but money and «the green card».

Let’s have these Korean mail order brides stereotypes ruined now!

Myth #1. They are submissive

Some men marry Korean mail order brides thinking they are submissive and would whatever the husband says. This will never happen. Why would even men have such thoughts? Better invite a housemaid to your house or a servant.

A wife is a wife. Korean girls are humble and respectful, but they also have their personalities and wishes, so they won’t do whatever you want unless it’s out of love.

Myth #2. Korean women are workaholics

It’s true that Korean ladies work a lot, more than people in the West. But that’s only if they stay in Korea. Do you plan to live with your Korean wife there? Not likely, right? If you marry a Korean girl and bring her to your country, let’s say, the US, she will not be working that hard because society won’t be expecting her to do this.

Myth #3. Korean brides marry to escape poverty

Korean brides do pay attention to the financial status of their potential groom (who doesn’t?). For them, it’s super-important that the husband has a stable income, that he doesn’t waste money and can secure the future of their family.

But it doesn’t mean that overall Korean brides want to escape poverty by marrying a foreigner. Yes, some ladies do that, but in most cases, Korean brides can provide for themselves, so they are just looking for someone who would match their financial status or be superior.

korean woman

How to find a Korean mail order bride?

You can travel to South Korea and North Korea (the latter is more problematic), and look for a Korean wife on your own. But you need to understand that you will have thousands of obstacles on your way, starting from the language. That’s why the best option for you is to go with Korean male order bride sites – even if the brides aren’t proficient in English, you will still understand them as communication tools on these sites have instant translation service.

  1. Find 2-3 reliable Korean mail order brides sites
  2. Register, and complete your profiles (add descriptions, photos, etc.)
  3. Engage in conversations with as many girls as you can
  4. Narrow down your choice
  5. Go on a first date, invite an interpreter from the mail order bride agency if the girl doesn’t speak good English

The bottom line

If you are looking for a caring wife, who would have a great personality, with who you wouldn’t have conflicts, who would be a great mother, and who, on top of everything, would cook well, marry a Korean mail order bride.

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