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Asian and American women dating: Main differences

Asian and American women dating: Main differences

What makes Asian and American women different?

American girls vs. Asian girls: Appearance

Asian and American women are very different in how they look. Ladies from the East are quite small, even tiny. They have small eyes, and their skin is usually brown. American women are bigger. They have European facial features. But it would be not right to suggest that all Asian or all American ladies look similar or the same.

Their beauty varies depending on the place they live in, their genes, or even the hairstyle they want to have. But surely Asian beauty standards are very different from Western ideals. It is known that Asian girls tend to care about their appearance more. But as tastes are different, it is up to you to decide who is prettier for you.

Asian vs. American girls: ะกharacter

Why men like Asian women? They say that Asian girls tend to be quieter and more peaceful than Americans. They make ideal wives and mothers as they are naturally caring and loyal. True femininity is what distinguishes Asian ladies from other girls. That is why Asian women dating is so pleasurable. American women are more independent. They may appear stronger and self-reliable. They are also hard-working and try hard to combine career and family life. It should be said that they are pretty good at it.

But they make caring wives and mothers too. But every girl is unique. So typical characteristics may not be applied towards all girls. You need to know the lady better to learn her character, habits, and preferences.


Another thing that differs American and Asian ladies is how much they talk. If you are looking for a wife to have endless chats with โ€“ Eastern women would not be the best choice. They are quiet and prefer long walks rather than long talks. American women are the opposite in most cases โ€“ they are good at small conversations or long discussions. They also easily get acquainted with new people. In general, they are more extraverts, while Asian women are introverts in most cases.

Asian girls vs. American girls: Lifestyle

A way of living of American and Asian women is different too. While the Western way of life is quite hectic and fast, Eastern girls do not hurry. They know how to balance and enjoy the present moment. Their schedule, as a rule, is not overloaded with many meetings and plans. American girls prefer to be active. They enjoy a fast lifestyle, but still, do not mind to stop sometimes and have a quiet family evening at home.

Asian women vs. American women: Food habits

Another reason to date an Asian girl โ€“ they care about their diet. They think about what they eat. Usually, they prefer something healthy, like salads, seafood, or smoothies. Americans, due to their lifestyle, are less demanding when it comes to daily eating. They do not mind fast or junk food. Moreover, Americans rarely cook at home. Takeaways or eating out is pretty common. Asian ladies love cooking and enjoy having family dinners at home.

American girls vs. Asian girls: Family values

Asian women are more traditional when it comes to marriage, children, and families. They stick to the classical model of a family. There, a man is the head of a family who brings home the bacon. And a wife is the one who makes the household clean and cozy and brings up children. But still, they see marriage as a partnership and want to make the team with their spouse.


American women are a bit different. They seek equality in everything. These ladies are career-oriented โ€“ they want to combine work and family. Being able to earn money is of extreme importance for American ladies.

Asian girls vs. American girls: Manners

It considered that Asian girls have better nature and character. It is what makes an Asian woman so attractive for men. Maybe that is because they are brought up in a society where model behaviour is highly appreciated. Americans are more free at what they say and do. They are straight-talking and wonโ€™t beat about the bush when they want to say something. Some people hate it but some love it. Again, it is up to you to decide what you prefer more.


American and Asian brides are different in their way of life, traditions, and habits. But let us repeat โ€“ all women are unique. Never rely on stereotypes or prejudices that appeared in dating culture. Talk to different brides, compare, analyze, and make your conclusions. It may happen that some Asian ladies will have more in common with American culture than with their own.