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What Motivates Women To Join Mail Order Bride Websites?

Do you want to meet a beautiful girl from another country? But what is her motivation? Is a mail-order bride a money-hungry woman who will leave just after she gets what she wants?

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What Motivates Women To Join Mail Order Bride Websites?

Why would an attractive, intelligent woman search for a soulmate on the Internet? Maybe itโ€™s something wrong with her? These are the questions a lot of people usually ask when it comes to this industry. Moreover, skeptics usually say that all women who set up profiles on international dating websites are materialistic. They often call such ladies โ€œgold diggersโ€.

However, itโ€™s not that simple. There are a lot of personal, social, political, economic, and psychological reasons why these girls are ready to move to another country to live with a foreign husband, and weโ€™ll describe and analyze all of them.

What are the major reasons why pretty foreign girls become mail-order brides?

Weโ€™re going to debunk some stereotypes about mail-order brides and provide some true facts about women looking for family happiness. If you are going to join one of the international dating sites, please, read the information below carefully to understand their motivation and decide if such a relationship works for you.

Social factors

The major reason why lots of hot ladies are looking for a man on the web is pretty obvious. They just canโ€™t find love in their country. Youโ€™d be surprised how fierce competition between hot, smart, and family-oriented women is in countries like Russia, the Philippines or Vietnam is.

Moreover, we shouldnโ€™t underestimate the effects of social pressure: in most countries, single women between the ages of 20 to 30 are considered to be spinsters. Sounds crazy, but itโ€™s true. But we canโ€™t deny that ladies themselves are also ready to settle down. All this leads to an obvious consequence: a woman is looking for a fiance in places where demand for single hotties is the highest โ€“ on mail order bride sites.

They want to gain stability in life

We all heard the famous quote, โ€œChange begins at the end of the comfort zone.โ€ In the modern world, people are struggling for changes, self-development, more opportunities, and new impressions. However, you cannot leave your comfort zone if you have never entered it. It is not a secret that most women who become mail order wives live in developing countries. That, in fact, means that they put a lot of effort to get all those things that most western people usually take for granted. Can we blame a woman who wants a better life for her children?

These women usually find Western men very attractive

This is partly explained by the traditional perception of foreign men as handsome and successful guys in some countries, in particular, in Asian ones. For instance, western men who come to the Philippines or Vietnam usually feel like rock stars.

Russian mail order brides, as well as some Latin girls, also like foreign guys better, not only just because these beauties think that these men are hot but also because they consider these men to be more loyal and reliable than local men. Still, we should also mention that many girls went through a divorce or painful breakup, and the main reason why they choose foreign men is not a physical attraction but a wish to love and to be loved. Nobody wants to be betrayed again.


We appreciate skepticism when it comes to finding someone you want to marry. However, donโ€™t let it stop you from finding the most wonderful woman ever. After all, itโ€™s all about personality. Mail order brides want to meet a foreigner for various reasons, but most of them donโ€™t want to marry a man they donโ€™t love just because he lives in America and is rich like Rockefeller. Just remind yourself that the main reason why people marry is love. Otherwise, marriage just doesnโ€™t work, and these women understand this very well.