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Fantastic Venezuelan Brides: The Ultimate Guide To Marrying One

What do you know about Venezuelan women? Perhaps, you have heard that they look fabulous and are passionate, haven’t you? It’s good to know, but Venezuelan women are more than that. They are some of the most caring and supportive women on earth. They make great wives and moms. Should you marry a Venezuelan bride, your life will never be the same. You will be surrounded by affection and care – she will never be shy to express her feelings in public, and she will always stay by your side.
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Are you into Latinas? If yes, you should seriously consider dating a girl from Venezuela. In bars, at restaurants and in pubs somewhere in Caracas men wait in lines to get close to these bombshells! You don’t have to – just register on a Latin mail order bride site with access to thousands of Venezuela girls profiles from abroad.

But before that, learn a bit more about what Venezuelan brides are like, what their appearance is and how to woo them. You can find all the information in this Venezuelan mail order brides review.

LatamDate Venezuela

Have you heard how charming and kind Venezuelan girls are? Seek one on LatamDate. Once you meet a beautiful single lady from Venezuela, your life will not stay the same. But it’s not only about beauty. This girl feels perfectly well how to love and build strong and healthy relations. She is loyal and will never cheat on her better half. Usually, Venezuelan families are plentiful, and even a young girl knows how to behave with kids and bring them up, surround with kindness and create a warm atmosphere. You never know, maybe a lady from Venezuela is your destiny?

Latin Cupid Venezuela

Wanna some exotic love? With a girl from Venezuela, everything is possible. Why is that? Because these ladies really know how to enjoy and feel the love. They are not shy but very open-minded and ready to open their hearts to a worthy person. When she realizes that you deserve her love, she will make from everything around something like a scene from a beautiful romantic film with lots of passion and real unbelievable emotions. Besides, apart from all these high matters, they are great householders, wives, and mothers. Isn’t it a real catch? Get the match on LatinAmericanCupid.

LatinWomenDate Venezuela

If a dream of a hot and sincere Latin American lady is stuck in your head, then in Venezuela, you can realize your desire. Venezuelan women are well-known for their unique beauty that drives men crazy. But apart from this, they are really caring and devoted to their family. A bride from Venezuela will always reassure that her husband is alright, feeling relaxed and comfortable. A lot of local girls are really adventurous and brave, funny and gregarious. This lady will definitely make you happy and glad to share with her all the best moments of life. Dare to meet your destiny on LatinWomenDate.

Latin Date Venezuela

Got tired of fake-personality women with the addiction to other people’s opinions and lots of pretending? Then in Venezuela, local women will open an entirely new world for you. It goes without saying that Venezuelan ladies are frank in everything they do: from their promises to their behavior. They are sensitive and honest. Besides, they are naturally beautiful. Here you won’t see a lot of makeup that hides a real person. They are amazing without it. LatinBeautyDate is a unique possibility to find your Venezuelan significant other.

LatinFeels Venezuela

A seductive and charming girl from Venezuela may become a reality with online dating and mail-order websites like Latin Feels. Want to marry or just to date, flirt with a beautiful lady? You will be entirely attracted by the charisma of these Latin America women. They are sincere, amiable, and even adventurous. Apart from open-mindedness, ladies from Venezuela are always eager to discover new cultures and learn new languages. If you want your love to be an easy-going, funny person with a perfect sense of humor and courageous heart, in this country you will find your ideal match.


Why do men choose Venezuelan brides?

If you ask a Venezuelan woman, she will tell you: «Because Venezolanas are the best!» We have to agree, undoubtedly. But let us be more constructive and explain to you in detail why Venezuelan brides are so good at everything.

Venezuelan women are very affectionate

Men easily fall for Venezuelan brides because they are very seductive and loving. Venezuelan girls love touching, kissing and hugging in public (even with those who aren’t their boyfriends but friends and relatives!). It doesn’t mean that they are promiscuous but warm. For them, being expressive is very important – and no Western men can remain cold-hearted about Venezuelan brides.

Family and friends are #1 for them

Venezuelan girls are perfect for family life. They grew up in very friendly and supportive families, so they are eager to create the same. They have very strong bonds with their parents and siblings. They also have very warm feelings towards their extended family and friends. If you’re looking for a loving future mother of your children, marry a Venezuelan mail order bride.

Venezuelan girls are caring

You won’t find more caring women in Latin America (if not in the entire world!) than women from Venezuela. They cater to their loved ones, they always talk to them and ready to listen to their problems, the cook the most delicious food to family members and so on. Also, they are very supportive, so you can see that Venezuelan brides make great wives!

Hot Venezuelan women are number one beauties in the world

If you watch the news, you might have heard about annual beauty contests, such as Miss World and Miss Universe. So, you probably know that hot Brazilian girls win there more often than other nations. No wonder that every man all over the planet dreams of conquering the hearts of such beauty! Mail-order bride sites give a great possibility to do it without leaving your country. All friends will envy you when you bring a hot Venezuelan bride home.

Venezuelan girl

How do Venezuelan girls look like?

Venezuelan girls are some of the most attractive Latinas. What are the secrets of their beauty?

They are voluptuous morenas

Most Venezuelan have caramel skin – that’s why they are called «morenas» in Spanish (dark or brown-skinned girls). Interestingly, they don’t have dark, brown or hazel eyes exclusively. They often have blue or green eyes. Why is it so? Because Venezuelan girls are mestizas – they are of mixed ancestry. Most of their ancestors come from Europe, but also among them are Amerindians (indigenous American people) and Africans.

If you see a Venezuelan girl outside her country, you may not even guess where she comes from – they look like South Europeans, Africans, and even Arabs. One thing for sure will happen once you meet a Venezuelan bride – you will fall in love with her sultry beauty.

Venezuelan women love makeup

Venezuelan girls know that they are beautiful and want to emphasize it even more. They can spend hours watching YourTube makeup tutorials and experimenting with their appearance. They do spend a lot of time to look good – it’s in their blood. Everything must be perfect in them – from makeup to the tips of their nails. Some Venezuelan ladies even go to beauty salons every day before work to get their hair fixed.

They love their curves

It’s no secret that Venezuelan women have «juicy» bodies. And they adore them. They love wearing clothes which make their curves look even more gorgeous. When Venezuelan girls dance, you will be able to take your eyes away from their humps. Be ready for that, if you start dating a Venezuelan male order bride.

Venezuelan woman

What are Venezuelan brides like?

Venezuelan ladies have great personalities. They are the warmest and most caring creatures on earth. What else do you need to know about them?

They are very flirtatious (or aren’t they?)

We have briefly mentioned before that touching and hugging is very common among Venezuelans. They can seem «flirty» even with their friends and relatives. But in fact, they are not. They are just warm and friendly, and that’s how these feelings are expressed in Venezuelan manner. If you happen to be near a Venezuelan woman and if she gives you a big smile, touches your chest or arm, tilts her head, fixes her hair all the time – well, you may think she is flirting. But she might not be – so better wit for a longer time to find out if she has any special feelings for you.

Venezuelan girls are passionate

Venezuelan women are very expressive. They can be very loud (both when they are happy or angry), they use lots of gestures and so on. They sometimes can even be dramatic – can make a big deal out of a little problem. But don’t worry – they also get over it quickly. If you think that your Venezuelan mail order bride is mad at you – give her time, she will calm down. Venezuelan girls know what they want. So if she wants to stay in a relationship with you, she will stay, and dramas are just little dramas for them. So yeah, if you’re dating a Venezuelan woman, know that you’re dating a storm of emotions.

Punctuality isn’t their forte

There’s such a thing in Latin America – Latin Standard Time. For some reason, it gives Latinas from 15 minutes to a few hours opportunity to get late. And they will have a ton of excuses for that – well, some of them may not even have to find an excuse, because no one is ever late, everyone is just relaxed about time. So once you start dating a Venezuelan bride, be ready for delays, it is normal in the country where she comes from.

Venezuelan beauty

Why do Venezuelan girls become mail order brides?

Since 2010 Venezuela has been going through a terrible socio-economic crisis. No one envies Venezuelans. Many of them have been trying to migrate and escape all the turmoil in their homeland. Venezuelan women aren’t an exception – they do look for a better life.

However, it would be pathetic and unfair to relate Venezuelan women’s desire to marry foreigners only to the crisis. Why? Because they have alway been into dating foreigners. Let’s see in detail why Venezuelan beauties seek husbands abroad.

  1. Venezuelan women want to escape machismo. The culture of machismo is very strong in Latin America. Many men still find it acceptable to abuse women both psychologically and physically, even their partners. Venezuelan women want to escape this destiny and seek foreign husbands, who are more likely to embrace women’s emancipation and be less aggressive.
  2. Venezuelan brides don’t have enough men. As of 2015, the male to female ratio in Venezuela was 98.84 to 100. Before there used to be more men than women in Venezuela, but starting from 2005 the situation changed. Those Venezuelan brides, who haven’t managed to find happiness in their own country, decided to become Venezuelan mail order brides.
  3. They simply seek love. Venezuelan ladies are open to dating foreigners, that’s clear for sure. But what we want to emphasize is that for them nationalities don’t matter that much. They’re just seeking a person who would love them for who they are, who would care about them as much as they care about the others. If you are interested in getting a Venezuelan mail order bride, you might end up being the happiest person on earth.

Why do Venezuelan brides make ideal wives?

  • They are more caring than anybody else;
  • Venezuelan women cook very well;
  • Family is the center of the universe for them;
  • They know how to bring people together, so if you marry a Venezuelan woman, your family will always be hospitable;
  • They are fun and cheerful despite any troubles in life;
  • Venezuelan women make fantastic moms.
Venezuelan bride

How to date a Venezuelan mail order bride?

Before you try texting Venezuelan beauties on Latin mail order bride sites or before you actually approach them in Caracas, check out these tips:

  1. Always make the first step. Don’t wait for a Venezuelan girl to start talking to you. Don’t wait for her to drop you a line. Initiate communication, be assertive. Venezuelan girls are sociable and can start talking to you any time. However, if you want a Venezuelan bride to see you as husband material, show her that you can take the lead.
  2. Remember about playful interaction. Venezolanas are flirty, and they don’t like it to play only one way. Respond to their flirting, make some jokes. It will work out, believe us.
  3. Be presentable and neat. As we have mentioned, Venezuelan women spend a lot of time to look good. And yes, they expect the same from men. It’s not only about having good fragrance and wearing boutique clothes – start from the basics like clean nails and fresh clothes.
  4. Surprise your Venezuelan bride with small gifts. Venezuelan girls believe that chivalry hasn’t died, so flowers and a box of her favorite chocolates will work for sure. Remember, that even such a tiny thing like an unexpected phone call in the middle of the day is a big deal for a Venezuelan bride.
  5. Start learning Spanish. If you are serious about getting a Venezuelan wife, learn her language. Most probably, she will speak good English, but you will also have to impress her parents (yes, they will be very meticulous, they will be asking you thousands of questions to figure out if you’re a match for their lovely daughter). To communicate with them, you will need basic Spanish. And yes, they will adore you even if you are terrible at it. The most important thing is that you at least put effort into trying.
  6. Do not be pushy. Every hot Venezuelan bride dreams about the determined and persistent man. So, you shouldn't forget why they start looking for a man abroad. They want to run away from too strict machos who enjoy demonstrating power. Always be initiative and make the first steps. But be patient if your hot Venezuelan girl needs more time for the next level in relations than you do.

How will your life change after marrying a Venezuelan girl?

  • Her family will know everything about you and they will treat you like their son;
  • Your Venezuelan wife will make you dance all the time – relax and don’t take yourself too seriously;
  • You will know when to expect her dramas and will be good at managing them;
  • She will share with you the most passionate nights ever;
  • Your Venezuelan wife will make sure you eat arepas (all Venezuelan men love them, and she doesn't care that you aren’t one);
  • You will be happy with her all the time!
Venezuelan lady

Top myths about Venezuelan brides debunked

No mail order brides can escape rumors about themselves. We are there to help you filter out lies from the truth.

Myth #1. Venezuelan women don’t speak English

Latin Americans indeed struggle with learning English – why would they need to learn an international language when they already speak one? (Spanish is one of the most widespread languages in the world). However, Venezuelan mail order brides know that they are seeking husbands abroad and put all their efforts into learning English because that’s how they will be able to talk to foreign guys. Simple as that.

Myth #2. All they want is to run away from their country

Undoubtedly, the situation in Venezuela is frustrating, but Venezuelan girls won’t marry someone just to leave their country. They seek love, they are very affectionate and romantic and can’t go for a fictitious marriage. Even if a Venezuelan girl wants to leave her homeland, she needs someone to be in love with, otherwise, it won’t work. (However, be careful when searching for a Venezuelan bride, fake brides exist, even though they are the minority, you may be unlucky to bump into one. But yes, most Venezuelan brides are sweethearts).

Myth #3. All Venezuelan girls do plastic surgery

Plastic surgery among women in Venezuela is legendary. There was indeed a splash in cosmetic operations among Venezuelans, but it doesn’t mean that all girls do it. Many simply can’t afford it, and why would they need it if they’re stunning anyways?

Venezuelan mail order bride

How to find a Venezuelan mail order bride?

Got interested in getting a Venezuelan wife after all this information? Here’s your to-do list:

  1. Register on the best Latin mail order bride site with profiles of Venezuelan mail order brides.
  2. Create an attractive profile.
  3. Text several Venezuelan girls at a time, stay in touch with them.
  4. Continue your communication with the most interesting Venezuelan lady or continue searches.
  5. Impress her – make a video call, send her flowers and gifts.
  6. Meet her and her parents to finalize things!

It sounds simple in theory, but in practice be ready to put a lot of effort into it. For example, start learning Spanish now, research about legal issues of marrying a Venezolana, and also be ready for the fact that it may take you a few months to find the one and only Venezuelan woman.


Venezuelan women are ideal wives. They always look fabulous, they cook well, they are super caring and supportive. If you want to be happy in a marriage, connect your life with a Venezuelan Latina. For that, you don’t need much – just start looking for her at any time on professional Venezuelan mail order bride sites, and date on the go!

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