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Main features of AsiaCharm website


One may agree that in the times of the Internet, the online dating industry has become incredibly popular and successful. To stay competitive, Asia Charm can offer you exclusive features of top-notch quality that would definitely allure you to create a profile and give the platform a go. In this section of the review, you will learn everything about the main features of this trustworthy and mature dating website.

  • A powerful matching algorithm
  • Membership subscription for an unlimited time for only $9.99
  • VIP treatment
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • The site serves only heterosexual singles

Advanced features


Nevertheless, as it has been mentioned in the review, the majority of dating sites have chats and emailing systems. What makes Asia Charm so wonderful is the advanced features. For example, those men who prefer a more direct approach of communication would highly enjoy video chats. One can agree that seeing your bride in motion, enjoying her smile, hearing her laughter can make a completely different impression.

Another advanced feature that is implemented on dating site is gift sending. You can send virtual presents to your ladies. We highly recommend you to combine two of the above-mentioned features, mainly video chat and gifts. Just imagine how emotional and happy your date would be if you send her a gift and see her reaction!



The primary form of interaction on Asia Charm is chatting. This is quite common among reputable and famous dating sites. Chatting is a powerful tool for you to get to know your potential date, so it is very useful and straightforward. The very chat system on dating is also very easy and self-explanatory. You can talk to any girl you find online. Moreover, there is no limit on how many brides you can engage in a lively and interesting conversation. It is worth mentioning that a lot of Chinese brides prefer active chatting with men. They are very friendly and communicative, therefore, you will find chatting with them very pleasant and enjoyable.

Another form of communication on site is emailing. Some men may prefer sending letters as it is the more profound and slow approach to know your bride better. There is nothing wrong with such a form of communication. On the contrary, emailing is considered to be a more formal approach, which is why it may be more appropriate and suitable for some men.

So, with the help of this review on communication, you may see that it is quite simple to start interacting with an Asian beauty is quite simple.

Asia Charm Girls

Ease of use


Some of the readers may already understand through this review, that this platform is built to make your experience enjoyable and comfortable. The very website is exceptionally simple – its design is intuitive and user-friendly, there is a helpful team of customer service that will assist in case you have a problem, and there is enough information for you to figure out how to find your way through the site.

Registration process also requires mentioning as it is the first step to become a member on site. Sign up is fast, simple, and does not require payments. You are not required to give away everything about yourself – just basic credentials that include name, age, location, and email. To help you fill out your profile and assist the matchmaking system, you are asked to complete a short survey that will analyze your preferences, goals, and needs. But do not worry as it can be skipped and fill your profile manually later.

Therefore, website is incredibly easy in use – it has self-explanatory navigation and design, which will be useful for individuals who have no experience in online dating!

Pricing on dating site


In order to use Asia Charm, you will need to know about the credit-based system. Almost every part of communication is made through credits – a special currency that every single member can get. Compared to other reputable online dating platforms, one can say that is not expensive and not cheap. It is an average website that offers decent quality of services. In the section below, you can take a look at things that are available to free users and what you will have to purchase with credits:

What credit packages are available on site?

Even though almost every communication feature described in the dating site required credits, you are offered great opportunities to buy as many credits as you want. For example, it is always a good idea to try out the website by buying a small number of credits. For only $9.99 you can get 20 credits. Below, you can take a look at the full list of all available packages with Asia Charm credits:

20 credits
Visit Site
50 credits
Visit Site
125 credits
Visit Site
250 credits
Visit Site

Since you have come so far, we would like to tell you a little secret. After you make your first purchase, you will receive a special status – you will become a VIP member. VIP users can see hidden images of all brides on site. And believe us, there are plenty of private photos there!

What features are provided for free?


First of all, based on this review, you can remember that making a profile is cost-free. You can make an account and look at all profiles without spending credits. This is definitely a good sign as a lot of people who want to try out a new online dating site would rather not waste dollars on a platform they know nothing about.

While many dating sites allow you to browse profiles, Asia Charm offers you every piece of information in a woman’s profile! You can enjoy photos and descriptions of your potential brides and dates for absolutely free! It is important to note that young Asian ladies usually upload many public photos on their profiles – it can be up to 15 pics that are provided to you for free.

What features are fee-based?


Unfortunately, the majority of interaction and chatting on the website are made through credits. While Asian girls can use the site for free, men have to spend money for a chance to chat with a nice Asian beauty. Receiving and reading messages from dates is free. However, you will need credits to send replies. Participation in video chats is also fee-based. To send gifts, you need credits too.

Asia Charm Women

How do users rate dating site?


It is always more believable and effective to listen to people who actually used Asia Charm. Here, you can learn from a guy who has been an active member of this wonderful dating platform for over a year:


I like Asia Charm – this is a great place to chat with Asian ladies. The prices are pretty reasonable, although I often waste all of my credits on one beauty. The communication here is pretty simple, which is great for me – I do not like sites with complex features. I really enjoyed complimentary credits when I just signed up. I would give this website 4.5 out of 5.

Matchmaking algorithms


Users are asked to fill out several forms during registration for a reason. This information is crucial for the matchmaking system as it analyzes the information and finds your matching profiles. Moreover, every time you visit a lady’s account, the system analyzes your choice and will propose you a better choice of potential dates. The system is quite complicated and advanced, but you can believe that it does what it should.

Search tools


In case you want to take everything into your own hands, you can find your future soulmates easily through a convenient and straightforward searching system. There are two approaches to look for your soulmate. First, you can use the basic search that includes age filter and profile status. Since all female members have validated status, the simple search is used only if you want to look for a certain woman of certain age.

However, the extended search is more flexible and effective. With its help, you can seek a date from a certain location, of a particular religion and marital status, and use a few other filters. It is highly recommended for you to try out the extended filter if you are looking for something specific!

How to find dates on website?

If you wonder how you could find dates on this platform, this piece of review will be helpful to you.

What is dating site? is an experienced and excellent dating platform that specializes in bringing Western men and Asian women together. Asia Charm is deemed to be one of the few organizations that keep the balance between the price and the quality of services.

Is site free?

You can join the website, create and fill out the account, and enjoy certain functions without paying. But if you want to interact with Asian dates, you will need to spend money.

How do credits work?

The system is quite simple – to send messages to other members you need credits. To get this currency, you need to buy them with your credit card.

How to create profile?

Go to and you will find a registration form. Fill out all the fields and answer a couple of questions. That is all!

Is safe?

This platform has installed some advanced encryption software that is capable of protecting your data and all the payments that you can make.

How can I delete profile?

It can be done by going to profile settings and press Deactivate Profile button. To confirm your actions, you will need to enter your password. However, it will not permanently delete it as you can always reactivate it. To delete the profile, you should address the issue to the customer service department.

How many members does have?

Usually, there are several hundred active users at any time you check.

Can I use website anonymously?

Right now, the website does not offer you such a feature.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

All female profiles undergo manual moderation. Profiles that have status verified have been approved by the administration of the platform. Every single user should have her profile verified, and this is the reason why you can trust that all women there are real.

Is messaging free?

No, messaging is a credit-based feature. Any time you want to send a message your balance should contain some credits.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

You are not required to get your account approved to do anything on the website. Still, if you want, you can confirm your ID by uploading scans or photos of a government-issued document. Usually, it takes up to 2 days to get approved.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Do not give your account information to any person. Use a safe email and strong password to sign up.