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Polish Brides: Where To Meet A Perfect Caring Wife

In Poland, women are amazing. They make ideal wives. That’s because they are affectionate, super caring, and loyal. Polish women are open to dating foreigners, despite stereotypes that revolve around them, they are highly-educated and it’s not that easy to amuse them by small talks. If you want to find and marry a Polish mail order bride, you need to learn some secrets. In this review of Polish brides, we will tell you everything about dating Polish women, their personalities and habits.
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Poland is a very beautiful country. Not only because of its culture, history, architecture and so on but also because of its people. Polish people are a very interesting nation. Poles are polite, patriotic and helpful to those who they care about. Perhaps this is the reason why Poles have some of the best women in Europe.

In Poland, women are real gems. They are family-oriented, hard-working and diligent, good-looking and just perfect for marriage. Find out here why you should marry a Polish bride and where to find her.

Dating Com Poland

Once or many times, but you should have already heard about amazing brides from Poland. If not, believe me, you missed a lot. A typical Polish girl is really attractive and hot. One glance at her, and you can’t stay indifferent anymore. Do you know what is best? Her natural charisma is not even a small part of traits she can boast with. Polish women are brilliant and aware of what is going on in the world. She is a great company for some family get-togethers, as well as for serious lunches. Because she will always know how to present herself in the best possible light. Try on Dating Com  and win your jackpot.

AnastasiaDate Poland

How can you find the love of your life, more attractive and alluring, loyal and respectful, smart and interesting than Polish beauties? This country is a real treasure if you are looking for a serious relationship or just a perfect date. Ladies from there are devoted and reliable. Don’t expect your future Polish bride to be passive or too shy. They are candid, entirely independent, and strong personalities. But when you get closer, your one and only will become very open and lovely. You can’t miss your chance to get such a godsend. AnastasiaDate  will help you with it.

Love Fort Poland

Poland is a country where women combine all the best character traits with a fantastic appearance incredibly well. Always dreamt of an East European lady with a Western approach, but preferences of traditional values? Here is your chance because in Poland a number of single women who are looking for future husbands on Love Fort is very high. Polish girls have a great feeling of style, they are always on fleek, but at the same time, they crave to be well-educated and smart. That’s why Poland is a magnificent country for searching for your beautiful and smart future spouse.

Love Swans Poland

A Polish lovely girl is what you always needed but didn’t even realise. If you are looking for a woman of your life who will be the best match for you, it’s here, in Poland. Smart, well-educated girls, in most cases with higher education and some plans for life. You won’t hear them whining and bothering you. At the same time, a typical Polish lady will be a perfect mother and wife because whatever her career is, she will prefer the creation of a big and friendly family when the time comes. Don’t miss your destiny and try Love Swans to find your great future Polish bride.

Match Truly Poland

Once you match with an amazing Polish lady, you will realize what is true love. So kind and sweet, a typical Polish girl is a chance that can’t be missed. Women from Poland are intelligent and nice, and they will be with you only because of your personality and not because of money. They are not of that type that will bother you because of even the smallest stuff. Polish girls are quite independent and can solve a lot of things on their own. But still, they will always follow your advice. Your future bride from Poland will always look amazing and have a great sense of style. Why not try to find one of them on Match Truly?


What attracts men in Polish brides?

Polish mail order brides a stunningly beautiful on the inside. That’s the first thing that draws foreigners to them.

They are highly educated

Polish girls are well-read and not just well but highly educated. Tertiary education is pretty strong in Poland, and Polish women strive to get it. You can’t impress a Polish bride with overused lines. But if you are curious about Polish culture and show this to her, she will appreciate it more than anybody else, and will gladly support any intellectual conversation you bring up. Western men who see wives abroad adore this trait in Polish brides – they are ideal interlocutors and never blabber or gossip around.

Polish women are open about dating foreigners

Polish women are very open-minded. For them, dating or marrying a foreigner is a great opportunity to explore other sides of life and practice multiple languages that they learn. The inquisitive mind of Polish women and eagerness to never halt studying drives them to new extremes. And this is very stimulating for foreign men – who wouldn’t like to have an open-minded girlfriend or wife who always continues to grow and develop herself?

They follow their feelings

If you ask a Polish girl what she would choose – money or love, she will definitely go for love. Polish women are super-emancipated and acknowledge that they can earn all the money that they need on their own. Gold-diggers happen to be among Polish women, but not more than among other groups of girls.

Polish women seek love and rarely pay attention to the financial status of a man that they like – he doesn’t have to be a millionaire for them to fall in love. However, don’t think that Polish women are into ambitionless couch-potatoes. They seek financially stable and emotionally mature men who wouldn’t drag them down but uplift them as partners.

polish girl

What is the appearance of Polish girls?

Everyone says that Polish male order brides are super pretty. But what does this «pretty» mean in the Polish context? Are they as hot as Latinas? Are they as cute as Asian girls? Are they well-dressed as their Eastern European counterparts?

Yes and no. Polish brides are unique, that’s for sure. They can be sexy and timid at the same time, they do share many common appearance features with other Slavic girls but you can’t find any other girl like a Polish beauty. Let’s see why.

They look like Slavic princesses

Polish women are usually fair or brown-haired. Sometimes, you can meet blondes or ginger-haired beauties in Poland. They have a fair complexion, they are middle-height, sometimes tall, and have softer facial features than their Czech neighbors. Polish girls usually have blue, gray and green eyes and straight or long noses. They are charming overall and are less diverse ethnically than many other European ladies.

Polish girls are slim

Polish brides prefer following a healthy lifestyle. They eat healthy home-made food (which they cook on their own), regularly work out and try to sleep properly. This is the main secret of their attractiveness. In Polish society, the girl is considered beautiful when she is slim or slightly curvaceous. That’s exactly what most of Polish mail order brides look like. The most typical body type among Polish ladies is the hour-glass – the most sultry one!

They are more casual than believed

Polish girls are sexy. But sexy doesn’t mean that they wear red or black tight dresses, emphasizing their seductive curves, it doesn’t mean that they wear red lipstick 24/7 and smokey eyes makeup. In fact, Polish brides tend to be more casual and relaxed than many other Central and Eastern European girls. They dress up well but care about their comfort the most. However, when it comes to partying, you won’t find a woman dressed up more stylish and brighter than a Polish lady.

polish woman

What are Polish brides like?

Before dating a foreign girl, it’s important to know not only her main outward features but also to understand how her soul works. Personalities matter a lot in relationships, so here’s a short overview of traits that Polish women possess.

They are hard-working

The word «lazy» isn’t about Polish women at all. These ladies work hard everywhere – at school, at work and in relationships (relationships are hard work, and these ladies never give up once there’s something to fix). Polish girls are achievers, they need to fulfill themselves in a career. You can never see them sitting idle. Polish girls also know how to take good care of the household, and it’s another reason why Western men adore them.

Polish women are very romantic

Polish girls are very sweet, amiable and romantic. They love their Polish diminutives and use them in any sort of relationships they have. Even if a Polish girl dates a foreign guy, she will still call him cute pet names in Polish, which is extremely adorable. If you want to woo a Polish bride successfully, treat her like a princess, give her flowers and do other kinds of chivalry.

They are polite

Poles overall are pretty polite people. But Polish women are on a different level. You will rarely see them being rude, gossiping about someone or being arrogant. They are very helpful, respectful and decent. That’s why they easily make good friends with seniors – if you marry a Polish woman she will 100% be in a good relationship with your parents.

polish bride

Why do Polish women become mail order brides?

You already know that Polish women are open to dating foreigners. They see many life opportunities in it. Dating foreign men can allow them to travel more, discover the world and have fun. But is this all? There are many more reasons why Polish brides are eager to marry someone from overseas.

  1. Polish women don’t have enough men. According to World Bank data as of 2016, Polish women make up almost 52% of the Polish population. It’s not a drastic thing in the female-male ratio, but the fact is the fact: there is a shortage of marriageable men in Poland. Having fewer opportunities in their home country, Polish women become mail order brides to marry somebody who would love them for who they are.
  2. They seek love. Polish women are very affectionate. For them, money always matters less than true feelings. They live in a society where they can provide for themselves, so when entering a relationship with a Polish lady, you can be 100% sure she’s with you because of affection but not something else. If a Polish bride falls in love, she doesn’t care about anything, she sees no obstacles on her way, so long-distance relationship or a relationship with a foreigner is never an issue for her.
  3. Polish girls just don’t care about nationality Not like some girls in Eastern Europe, Polish mail order brides don’t have any fetish related to the nationality of guys. They like making new contacts, they love exploring the world, and they don’t seek any particular foreigners – they’re just enjoying life. They can fall in love with anyone who takes care of them, shows respect and is responsible – and race, ethnicity or nationality do not matter to most of them.

Are Polish brides potential perfect wives?

  • They are very loving and want to create a strong family
  • Polish girls have a lot of respect for seniors, so she’ll respect your parents and relatives
  • Polish women love fun, being with them is never mediocre
  • You won’t find a better mother than a Polish woman
  • A Polish girl is open to the world, so she can change her place of living for you
polish wife

Tips for dating Polish women

Polish women are peculiar when it comes to dating. So you better follow these secrets to get to success:

  1. Don’t give her overused lines. Don’t ask her the most mediocre things about Poland or Polish language like what the word «kurwa» means and whether Polish are heavy drunkards. This is rude. Remember, Polish brides are well-educated, so they love intellectual conversations. Bring up a hot topic, stimulate her inquisitive mind, and she will be amused by you.
  2. Don’t be shy to be simple. An interesting thing about Polish girls is that they are very much down to earth. They don’t expect you to give them flowers every day, drive them on an expensive car and give them jewelry. If you want to impress a Polish girl, just be yourself (yet, don’t be greedy).
  3. Rely on chivalry. Times are changing, but not in Eastern and Central Europe. So if you want to win over the heart of a Polish mail order bride, treat her like a lady. Be polite in texting, give her beautiful bouquets, open the doors for her and so on.
  4. Respect her country and religion. Polish women are very patriotic and they won’t stand someone criticizing their country and culture. Also, many Polish women are dedicated Catholics, so keep that in mind before you crack another blasphemous joke.
polish beauty

What will your life be like with a Polish wife?

  • She will call you cute pet names in Polish
  • You will forget what fast food is – Polish wife will always cook for the family
  • You will start believing in superstitions
  • She will be the best mother for your children
  • A Polish wife will care about you like nobody else
  • She will never cheat on you
  • You will still enjoy parties – your Polish wife will be the one to organize them

Top myths about Polish brides debunked

All mail order brides face this problem – tongues keep wagging and spreading myths about them. Let’s see what’s the truth and what is not.

Myth #1. Polish women drink too much

There’s a stereotype that Polish women are drinkers. It is true that alcohol is popular in Poland, but not to the extent that women can’t control themselves. Polish women like light drinks like wine, beer, but they don’t drink too much like every day or in huge quantities. Polish women care about a healthy lifestyle because they know it’s the secret of their beauty.

Myth #2. Polish brides are chauvinist

Polish women are patriotic, but most of them don’t put their country on a pedestal above others. They don’t care about races or nationalities, they love dating foreigners regardless of their origin!

Myth #3. Polish girls are gold-diggers

Gold-diggers are among all girls on earth, and if it comes to Polish beauties, they aren’t more materialistic than other girls. Of course, some Polish girls seek stable men, but the majority is capable of earning for themselves. So, what they are looking for is love, not money.

polish blonde

How to find a Polish mail order bride?

Follow these steps if you want to find a single Polish beauty:

  1. Select an effective Polish mail order bride site (read expert and user reviews)
  2. Register, create a detailed profile, upload the best photo of yourself
  3. Be active – talk to several girls at once
  4. Narrow down your choice – woo only one Polish lady, send her flowers and gifts
  5. Maintain long-distance relationship via video and phone calls
  6. Set up an offline date somewhere in Warsaw or Krakow
  7. Good luck!


Polish women make the best wives. Why? Because they are family-oriented, capable of earning for living on, super-caring, affectionate and timid. On top of everything, they are extremely attractive, intelligent and sincere. If you want to find a Polish bride, start from Polish mail order bride sites. Who knows, maybe one day a charming «pani» will become your Polish wife!

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