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Asian Brides: The Ultimate Guide On Asian Beauties

Asia has been famous for its wife material for ages. Nowadays, thousands of men are still interested in genuine, feminine, and petite Asian ladies. Many of the local women tend to become mail order brides and marry foreign gentlemen. Hence, if you want to get an Asian wife, you can start looking for her online. The reasons to want an Asian mail order bride are real. These women are pretty, smart, family-oriented, and perform great at work.

Asian dating sites offer communication with such beautiful and hot ladies that men get highly interested in marriage with these girls. If you want to meet such a lady too and make her your wife, we should warn you: Asia is a unique place with its own rules and customs. Thus, these incredible ladies may differ a lot from the women you know! To be forearmed, you should know their traditional features, preferences, and understand a bit their lifestyle.

In this article, we will discuss everything about Asian mail order brides, their desires, reasons to seek for a man abroad, and things that may surprise you when dating an Asian girl.

Asian Brides By Countries

chinese bride
What is it like to be married to a Chinese woman? Well, it’s a totally different experience from having a European or American wife. Chinese mail order brides are peculiar. Once you marry them, they will surround you with the care and respect you have never received before. Chinese brides are popular among Western men. But not all of them know how to approach Chinese girls. Inexperienced men try to over-impress them, show off with their money, but that’s not what these beauties need.
Indian Women
Indian women are stunning. You can fall in love with them from the first glimpse. These ladies mesmerize with their dark intense eyes, jet-black hair and voluptuous curves. But they are more than just beautiful. They are highly educated women who prioritize the family, who are caring for their loved ones as mothers and are great at cooking. Marrying an Indian mail order bride can change your life forever. You will be astonished by how much she loves her culture and makes everyone happy.
indonesian bride
Do you know anything about Indonesian beauties? Go ahead! Indonesian women are wise, bright, cheerful, and smart at the same time. If you would like to start a happy family, this is a perfect choice for you. After you marry such a woman, she will do her best to make you happy. She will care about you, share wisdom, and do all the household duties herself. Plus, she will always look attractive, despite all the circumstances! She will never let you down or use you to achieve her goals.
japanese bride
Japanese culture for foreigners is something extraterrestrial. So is the beauty of Japanese girls in the eyes of Western men. These drastic differences in culture and traditions are some of the reasons why men go mad about Japanese women and strive to marry them. Japanese women are known to be humble, respectful, intelligent and caring. Also, you might have heard that Japanese brides can be submissive, infantile and work-centered. So what is true here and what’s not?
Korean bride
Korean mail order brides are cute, stoic, pragmatic, and extremely beautiful. Would you like to have a wife like this? We are sure you would. But how much do you know about them? We assume you think that Korean brides are also mercantilist, submissive and «artificial» as they have gone through many plastic surgeries. Is it so? Then you need to learn more about Korean brides before you try to approach them, otherwise, it will turn into a failure for you.
pretty malaysian woman
Sometimes it might look like women from the Asian region are all the same. It is a common belief due to the stereotypical view of that part of the world. But girls from different countries vary in their attitudes and approaches to them. What are the distinctive features of Malaysian ladies? The answers are below.
Philippine Women
Philippine wives are some of the best wives ever. They cater to their loved ones, they always prioritize and respect all family members, they are wise and well-read, can make their own decisions. They have a great time and finance management skills, Filipinas are great mothers and are simply good at anything! Besides, they have exceptional appearance – dark intense eyes, sun-kissed skin and jet-black hair.
taiwanese bride
For those who search for a soulmate who will always support, understand, and tolerate life changes and troubles calmly, a Taiwanese girl is definitely the perfect fit. In addition to the soft character, these ladies are as attractive physically: they have slim, fragile bodies that cannot leave a real man indifferent. Moreover, speaking about Taiwan, consider politeness as another competitive advantage of these beauties: they know how to behave with both strangers and close people.
Thai Women
Thai women are incredible. They are both beautiful and warm-hearted, they make super-caring wives and moms. Men long for their attention. Dark intense eyes, fantastic hair, perfect body… Imagined? That’s how a typical Thai mail order bride looks like. On top of that, she has a great personality. Kind, supportive, non-conflict and humble – just like Cinderella. A Thai girl is the one who can make one’s dreams come true. If you want to get your Thai Cinderella too, learn more about Thai dating.
Vietnamese Women
Vietnamese brides are not like any other girls. They are real angels on earth. This manifests both in their appearance and behavior. They have very cute facial features, petite and slender figures. Moreover, they are very calm, kind and peaceful. They have their own opinion for everything (they’re very educated) but they’re non-conflict. Interested? You should consider marrying a Vietnamese woman. There are many of them on Vietnam mail order bride sites.

Why do men want to date & marry Asian beauties?

Let’s begin our journey to the Asian soul with a simple question: why do single men start to browse databases with Asian women and why do they dream to date them?

We understand that the answer to this question may be different and depend on a person. However, let us reflect upon the most popular and general reasons on why these ladies seem so attractive to Western men and do they make perfect wives and life companions or not.

Today we will either prove that Asian women are really such alluring as some men believe or break down all the myths about them.

Are Asian girls young and beautiful?

There is a thought that in Asia, women look young and pretty till the advanced age. It is true! If you visit an Asian country, you should prepare yourself to a great shock, because the majority of women you will see will look like nymphs with porcelain skin and smooth perfect faces. Asian girls spend a lot of money and make great efforts to remain beautiful till the end of the days, so you will see an amazing beauty every single day if you marry one of these tender women.

Do these ladies like kids?

In all the Asian countries there is a special attitude to little ones. Women just adore children, and they do not pay attention to if it is their kid or someone else’s. If you see an Asian lady gently talking to a child, you will experience an incredible wave of love and coziness as these women can love these little creatures like no one else.

asian woman

Are they good hostesses?

Asian women inherit a strict attitude to household chores. You will never see dirty floor or clothes in the house where an Asian bride is a hostess. Everything will be clean, shiny, and smell amazing. Of course, some ladies do not like all that domestic stuff, but they still can keep the house clean and tidy, even if they do not love this activity. It is an essential part of female upbringing in Asian countries.

Are Asian beauties calm and patient as stereotypes say?

Some of the main traditional features of Asian girls are impressive tranquility and ability to keep calm even in the most stressful situations. You may meet a very emotional lady who starts panicking in a second, but it is a very rare case. There are a lot of things that can actually influence Asian people’s temper: for example, a lot of them have to stay focused for long at work or have great respect to a religion that asks the followers to remain calm anytime and do not express any negative emotions.

We suppose that it may be very comfortable to live with a woman who respects herself and the feelings and personal space of the other people. An Asian girl is exactly that kind of person - yet, you should not be sure that all of them are similar.

Are they cute and sexy simultaneously?

They are cute, but not childlike. They adore to wear cute clothes or behave like a sweet girl, but you should always remember that these awesome ladies are adults, and they actually know what they want from life. Dating an Asian beauty, you should be ready for her instant mood changes: she may be a tender and elegant silent lady, and within a moment you will see a funny laughing girl. It is fascinating to see a woman having so many attractive features.

But, remember that Asian brides do not like to be over-sexualized and you may offend these beautiful ladies by rushing into closer relationships too soon, no matter how hot your lady is.

Do they open their souls fast?

An Asian girl may seem to be cold and reserved, especially on the first date. You should not think that she does not want to see you; it is the shyness of a young lady who meets her beloved man the first time. Well, if you had several dates with your girl and she is still cold and behaves like she does not enjoy your company, she might not like you, actually. But, if you see a reserved lady the first day you come to her, you should be relaxed and let her relieve - then she will open her soul to you.

asian beauty

Why are Asian girls seeking men abroad?

If these women are as pretty, gentle, and wonderful as a lot of sources say, why do some of them are still alone? Why don’t Asian men want to make these girls happy? Well, the reason can be the same as your one: you want to get a foreign bride and do not think about the beauties of your country. Well, Asian beauties may suppose Western men to be very attractive, because of:

  1. They want to feel love and passion. Asian men tend to be very reserved and focused on their careers mostly. It happens sometimes that a father does not talk with his children or wife at all, and it is supposed to be normal. Well, such a situation can be observed anywhere, but some women experience ignorance and solitude even being married. Western men, in their turn, seem to be very attentive, caring, and romantic, and Asian women desperately want to date such men to feel what it is like to be a loved woman.
  2. Western men are more initiative. It is very nice to see a man who knows what he wants. A lot of Western men are pretty direct in their wishes and plans, and some Asian ladies just adore such features of character. These shy women often hesitate a lot, and it would be perfect for them to rely on a strong and confident man.
  3. They want to have more kids. One of the biggest desires of a single Asian woman is to have several children, but, unfortunately, in some countries, there is no possibility to have more than one child. If you want to have a house full of happiness, love, and coziness, as well as full of funny little ones, you should marry an Asian woman who will easily grant you all of these.
  4. They want better life. This is a widespread reason too because in some Asian countries there is quite a hard economic situation, and plenty of people suffer from the inability to get a job with a proper salary. However, Western countries can give a lot of possibilities for women who want to give their kids a better life. If you fall for an Asian lady, you can save her from those problems by taking her far from them. Please, do not blame a woman in her desire to have a better life. After all, you go to Asian websites to make your life better too.
asian girl

How to meet traditional Asian women?

You can meet an Asian beauty traveling all over the world, as now the countries have only legal borders. People can travel anywhere, and Asian women who do not want to stay at their homelands tend to move to the other places. Yet, if you want to date a traditional Asian lady, you should either go to an Asian country or register on a dating site that will offer you to meet a gorgeous mail order bride.

We would like to recommend you using dating sites. You will save a lot of time an nerves if register there and communicate online with plenty of gorgeous Asian mail order brides. You can enjoy not only messaging with them, but video chatting and sending gifts via post or use the translators’ assistance if needed. Once you understand that you want to marry a girl you have been communicating with for weeks or months, you can go to her and ask the site’s administration to help you in the organization of your date.

Dating an Asian bride: possible surprises

  1. Plastic surgery. It is one of the main features and maybe the dangers of Asian society that causes plenty of psychological problems. There is a cult of beauty in almost all Asian countries. You may be surprised by the number of girls who have visited a plastic surgeon having the desire to look like goddesses. There is even a little local tradition - in Korea, in particular, - to present an 18-year-old girl a double eyelid surgery. The woman you like may have surgery as well, but it will unlikely affect your life together.
  2. Close family ties. Family means everything to Asian people, no matter what country you choose to seek for a bride. Some families live together, we mean, in an apartment there can be up to 6 persons, and it does not bother anyone. Chinese people, for example, feel lonely if they live by themselves. They need to feel social support, and the family gives them that feeling. So, if you want to live in an Asian country, you should be prepared to your beauty’s family to express the desire to live with you, although you always can say no to them - politely.
  3. Attitude to foreigners. Decades ago there was quite a controversial attitude to Western people who came to trade or just to see the attractions. At that time, the Asian nation had quite an aversive opinion about foreigners, but it changed, fortunately. Now Asia welcomes tourists, yet, it is still a place with its own customs and traditions that may be confusing to Western men. Additionally, some of the Eastern families still are very discreet with people from the West, and you may fall for a woman who has relatives with negative perceptions.
  4. Upbringing of kids. You may be even puzzled a bit with how much love there is for children in Asia: it is explained by the special upbringing Asian system. This system means that parents should consider a child as “a king” till 5 years old, as “a slave” till 10 years old, and as “an equal” till 15 years old. Usually it may impress a Western person how a woman can allow a kid to do everything till 5 years old and then be too strict after this age; although, this system works, and it would be better either to let your woman to educate your child or discuss the upbringing before his/her birth.
asian bride


Asian ladies are fairies with big hearts and gentle, yet hardworking nature. These girls adore self-development, traveling, and soulful discussions, so you will have not only a lovely wife, but a nice life companion, an amazing interlocutor, and a wise woman who will always support you. Please, remember that our article discusses the most widespread and statistically proven data; you can easily fall in love with a completely different bride and be happy with it.

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