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Chinese Mail Order Brides: Your Guide to Marrying a Girl From China

What is it like to be married to a Chinese woman? Well, it’s a totally different experience from having a European or American wife. Chinese mail order brides are peculiar. Once you marry them, they will surround you with the care and respect you have never received before. Chinese brides are popular among Western men. But not all of them know how to approach Chinese girls. Inexperienced men try to over-impress them, show off with their money, but that’s not what these beauties need.
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Marrying a young Chinese girl is a dream for men in different parts of the world. It’s true that Chinese brides are very beautiful and delicate, that they make caring wives, attentive housewives, yet, they find time and strengths to develop themselves in the career field.

However, many potential Western bridegrooms do not realize that China is a huge country and generalizations about Chinese mail order brides can distort the picture of reality. Before you start looking for a Chinese woman for marriage, you need to understand that in China there are both traditional and non-conventional girls. It’s a different experience to marry any of them.

For you to find your Chinese dream-girl for marriage, we have prepared a large guide with useful insights into Chinese culture.

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Why are Chinese mail order brides unique?

Do not assume that Chinese girls are the same as other Asian ones. Moreover, do not think that all Chinese girls are alike. Chinese brides are unique because there are diverse.

Before dating a girl from China, find out if she’s from the urbanized area, or a small town, or a village. This can determine your potential relationship with her. Let’s look at the two main types of Chinese mail order bride based on the place where they live.

Urbanized Chinese brides

You can find this type of Chinese mail order brides in such megacities as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. They are typically non-traditional. It means that even though they desire to start their own family, one of their priorities is career and studying.

These ladies usually are independent, they spent their entire childhood studying – going to school, attending extracurricular clubs, working with tutors, doing enormous piles of homework. Now as they have grown up, they work in the same regime, climbing the career ladder and often overworking and over-performing.

They may not be interested in Chinese men due to their education. They often stay single or unmarried till the age of 25-28, which is considered quite late in China. They seek foreign husbands to have more equality and to be able to combine their private life with career endeavors.

Provincial Chinese brides

This type of Chinese male order brides can also be found it China’s large cities, but they moved there not a long time ago. Usually, they reside in smaller towns. Provincial Chinese girls are perfect for traditional patriarchal marriage.

They are conventional and may even be eager to become housewives. Marriage is the center of the universe for them. These Chinese women look for a husband who would be a breadwinner. In their turn, these ladies will take on most of the chores and dedicate themselves to children. They usually get married at a young age.

All in all, many Chinese girls combine both of these features, so your job is to decide on what kind of a Chinese beauty you want to marry and then explore girls online!

chinese beautiful woman

The appearance of Chinese women

Chinese brides are extremely beautiful. They have a peculiar physique, cute faces and they age well. You will never guess how old your Chinese girl is, and that’s not only thanks to her genes, but also because of how she takes care of herself.

They are petite and fragile

Chinese women are short, compared to their Western counterparts. The average height of a Chinese beauty is 155-160 cm. They have slim or thin bodies, and it’s a Chinese standard of beauty. An average European lady in China might be seen as plump, so you can imagine what kind of pressure Chinese girls face.

Chinese women, from the young to the old, practice sports, and they never gain weight out of the blue. From the first sight, Chinese women may seem fragile, but in fact, they are strong thanks to their healthy lifestyle.

Chinese girls have beautiful faces and hair

Chinese girls are also very attractive because that have cute faces with full lips. They usually have black glossy hair. Now they often dye it in brown or red to stand out among other girls. The skin of Chinese girls is very white. They avoid the sun by all means as they believe that the porcelain skin is more aristocratic.

They don’t care about outfits

The cool thing about Chinese girls is that they never over-try to impress guys with their looks. On the whole, it is acceptable in China to wear whatever you want (unless it reveals too much of the body) – no one would care. So if you are a kind of a guy who doesn’t follow fashion, dating a Chinese mail order bride can be fun for you.

chinese cute girl

What are the personalities of Chinese ladies?

You should never get hooked by the looks of girls when choosing a future wife. Learning about the traits of women is one of the crucial things in dating. Here is an insight into what Chinese women are like.

They are respectful

Chinese women, just like other women in Asia, respect everyone around. But most of the respect goes to their parents and husband. If you want to impress a Chinese lady, show her respect. You should not treat her like a cool chick for a hookup.

Chinese girls can be childish

Chinese brides are indeed cute. They have childish humor and sometimes childish attitude to life! They are caring, but they also expect someone to take care of them and treat them like small princesses.

They are timid

In Asia, it is not acceptable to talk a lot. Introverts are more respected here than extroverts. Girls in China are brought up with this notion in their mind, so they possess most of the introverted traits. If you think that a Chinese mail order bride isn’t interested in you, you might be wrong. Observe, maybe she’s just not courageous enough to make the first step.

chinese lovely girl

Why do Chinese girls become mail order brides?

There is a gender imbalance in China – there are 70 million more men than women. It seems that Chinese girls should have no problem with marriage. However, the reality is different. They still seek husbands abroad. Why?

  1. Too much societal pressure. There are too many expectations of how a Chinese wife should behave. Modernized girls don’t want to obey the system and that’s why they look for alternatives abroad.
  2. They are not «wife material» after 25. Another problem with Chinese society is that it doesn’t consider a girl of 28 years old marriageable. This would sound absolutely insane in the West, but that’s how things work in China. Girls of 25+ indeed struggle to find a Chinese husband, even though they are educated and look stunning.
  3. Chinese brides don’t want to get divorced. Since 1985, the divorce ratio has increased in China. Experts say it’s the reason for the «one-child» policy in China. Many Chinese grew up sibling-less, being egoistic and not adapted to family life. If both in the Chinese matrimony are like this, there are no compromises, so the couple breaks up. Another reason is that Chinese husbands can’t put up with the fact that their wives are white collars. Therefore, Chinese women seek different mentality and attitude in Western men who would not divorce them for these reasons.

Are Chinese brides potential perfect wives?

Yes, they are! And here’s why:

  • In China, marriage isn’t often about love but support, so your Chinese wife will always be loyal to you.
  • She knows her responsibilities.
  • A Chinese wife will respect you and your family.
  • She won’t be complaining if you don’t show her chivalry.
  • She will take care of the children.
  • A Chinese wife will do anything for you (of course, unless you abuse her endeavors).
chinese lady

How to date Chinese mail order brides?

Dating or marrying a Chinese girl can be both pleasing and challenging. This is because of drastic cultural contrasts that you will face being with her (especially if you’re from the US or Europe). Look through this tips list before you try to approach a Chinese woman:

  • Don’t try to impress her by being a gentleman. A Chinese girl will not understand why you are opening the doors for her or dressing up too fancy. Be yourself and forget all the Western «tricks».
  • Show her you have serious intentions. It’s still not common in China to date, unless you plan to get married. If you are looking for a one night stand, forget about Chinese girls.
  • Don’t meet her family unless you know you will marry her. They may take it wrongly.
  • Try to talk to her in Chinese. This will melt her heart.
  • Respect her wishes. If she doesn’t want to be a housewife, don’t expect this from her and, moreover, don’t even try to talk her into this.
  • Ask her if her parents would accept your relationship. Some Chinese parents still do matchmaking – from comparing the societal and financial status of their daughter and her wooer to their horoscopes. If her parents plan to matchmake, probably, she won’t be yours.

What to expect from a Chinese wife?

Once you marry a Chinese woman, your life will change, here’s how:

  1. She will make you take shower regularly. You can’t go to bed unless you wash yourself thoroughly.
  2. You will be very close to her family. Once you marry a Chinese bride, you marry her family too. Yes, they will intervene in your private space, for better!
  3. She will protect you from bad habits like eating too cold food (because according to Chinese beliefs, it may cause stomach cancer).
  4. You will be drinking hot water any time you feel sick (and it doesn’t matter what kind of sickness that is – kudos to Chinese medicine!)
  5. You will start addressing Chinese people by their specific titles (especially your Chinese wife’s relatives!)
  6. You will learn how to bargain in the markets. Your Chinese wife will make sure you save money.
  7. You will also get used to daily shopping. A Chinese wife can’t tolerate «non-fresh» vegetables or meat for cooking.
  8. She will expect you to call her very often, about everything.
chinese woman

Top myths about Chinese brides debunked

Chinese mail order brides are shrouded in myths. Some of them are naive, while others are disrupting. Let’s debunk the most popular stereotypes about Chinese brides.

Myth #1. Chinese brides are subordinate

It is believed that Chinese women are subordinate, inferior, submissive or whatever you call it to men. It’s not true. The fact that Chinese wives are humble and show respect is not the same as being inferior to men.

Myth #2. Chinese women are always quiet

Yes, Chinese women are shy and might not be talking too much. But that’s only in public or at the beginning of your relationship. Attend Chinese family gatherings and you will see how Chinese women talk loudly to each other and their relative sin various dialects.

Myth #3. Chinese mail order brides seek money

The idea that Chinese brides get married to foreigners because of money is wrong. Yes, indeed, Chinese women don’t rely only on feelings when selecting a partner. They also pay attention to how much the guy earns, which kind of family he comes from. But that’s not a priority for them. There are many other things like personality, education, manners, respect, etc. that they pay attention to.

chinese girl

How to find a Chinese mail order bride?

If you still don’t know where and how to find a Chinese woman for marriage, here you are:

  1. Select 2-3 reliable Chinese mail order bride sites (check reviews first)
  2. Create attractive profiles there with thorough descriptions and positive photos
  3. Text several Chinese brides, never expect anyone to approach you first
  4. Narrow down your choice and get to know at least one of the Chinese ladies
  5. If you like her, send her flowers or gifts, but remember – don’t overdo it, they’re not used to chivalry
  6. Invite her on a real date (in her country)

The bottom line

Chinese women are peculiar – there’s no other bride on earth like them. If you want your life to never be boring, marry a Chinese bride. These ladies can combine work and family life, they are super-caring, and their childish humor is what you need for happiness!

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