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Taiwanese Brides: Your Ticket to a Happy Marriage

Taiwanese Brides: Your Ticket to a Happy Marriage

In recent decades, marriage between Western men and Asian women became an everyday thing. It is not surprising anymore! Ladies from Asia are considered wonderful in marriage. And Taiwanese wives are no exception. They constitute a mix of femininity and energetic soul to coup with any problem.

To approach a Taiwanese girl, youโ€™d better be aware of cultural peculiarities and attitudes to marriage in this country. This guide will provide you with a detailed picture of the local women and their cultural insights.

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Which traits make Taiwanese mail order brides unique?

If you are not deeply familiar with the Asian region, it may look like all the local women share the same attitudes and values. Besides, there are significant differences between countries. Thus, to impress a Taiwanese woman, you should first investigate what makes her unique among the other brides.

A mix of traditional and modern values

Sometimes people compare Taiwanese and Chinese women and see some common traits. This observation is correct to some descent because Taiwanese was under China until 1949. During the communist regime, they began implementing emancipation. Women got education and careers. Even so, the country remained to be paternalistic and traditional values.

The modern social progress contributed to being more open to new experiences. But it did not change the patriarchal situation much. In general, Taiwanese brides are girls with knowledge of recent trends. But they have an adherence to traditional attitudes simultaneously.


Dedication to a husband is incorporated into the Taiwanese values. They are transmitted to the local girls since childhood. So, Taiwanese brides are exceptionally serious about a relationship. They do not spend time with men who have short-term intentions. Taiwanese ladies also do not let themselves dating several guys. In their culture, a woman who has several men or cheats a husband is labeled with harsh words.

Any girl would like to omit this situation, so Taiwanese women choose to be devoted to their husbands. It also means that they try to find a way to solve an issue rather than divorce. Marriage with a Taiwanese bride means a union till the rest of your lives will not lie between you two.

Soft character

Taiwanese brides are well-known for their calmness. They rarely lose temper. But these women prefer avoiding harsh conflicts; they take time to search for a calm way of solving an issue. Taiwanese girls will not fight until the victory in a dispute. And this lets them be desirable wives around the world.

Moreover, they do respect patriarchy in the family. So, a Taiwanese woman always takes into account a husbandโ€™s opinion and needs. Thus, marriage with this bride means life in a safe haven.


The looking of Taiwanese women

There are no doubts about the beauty of ladies from there. Their appearance attracts men of any origin. Moreover, the Asian region is known for the beautiful aging of its girls. You will never guess the real age of a Taiwanese woman; they all look very young and fresh.

Petite and slim figures

In the Asian region, people are less tall than in the West. Taiwanese beauties are part of this trend as well; their average height is around 160 cm. Nature has given them slim, fragile bodies. They excite the imagination of all heterosexual men.

Such an appearance is the result of a belief that a girl should be thin and do a continuous sport. Taiwanese girls do every day. This attitude to personal looking and gifts of nature make those brides gorgeous.

Intriguing faces

The appearance of Taiwanese mail order brides is genuinely mesmerizing and gorgeous. They usually have perfectly shaped faces with a chiseled little nose. Their large round eyes break the stereotypes about other Asian womenโ€™s appearance.

Additionally to that, the beauty of faces is provided by the positive emotions Taiwanese ladies usually express. You will rarely see angry or sullen faces in the streets. Typically, they are full of joy and calmness. This energy makes other people feel the same.


While Western women compete with each other by makeup, plastic surgeries, and extreme outlooks, Taiwanese women for marriage avoid it. They care about the health and fresh view by doing sports and using organic cosmetics. Even if a Taiwanese girl did a makeup, you will not notice it and think it is an authentic appearance. In clothes, they prefer feminine outfits that are not beyond the pale.


What are the personalities of Taiwanese brides?

They are friendly

In the Taiwanese culture, it is a must to be polite towards people around them. So, these mail order brides show a cooperative approach to a conversation. If you experience problems with starting a dialogue, give this role to a Taiwanese girl. She will always offer an exciting topic for a chat.

They are ambitious

Compared to girls who are doubtful about personal wishes, Taiwanese wives constitute the opposite picture. They have a passion for many things. Even if they choose to be housewives, it will be a case when a wife does all and even more. Not counting routine tasks, she will try to impress you with some hobbies or creative ideas.

Some Taiwanese girls may choose to build a career. Be confident your wife will reach success. She will do constant work grounded on her ambitions. Besides, she will not neglect other life spheres and always find time for her close people.

They are honest

Taiwanese girls respect the feelings of other people. They prefer being honest, especially in serious relationships. They will not play with a manโ€™s feelings if there is no passion for him. Taiwanese brides accept no cheating, so her demonstrated intentions are pure.


Why do Taiwanese ladies become mail order brides?

The amount of both genders in this country is almost equal. So that the local girls would have no problems with a marriage. Even so, some facts push women to find a soulmate abroad.

  1. Societal pressure on a marriage. Taiwanese ladies are expected to marry early according to cultural attitudes. With social progress, women began choosing a man more earnestly. They start to marry later, but the pressure remained the same.
  2. Societal rules. The Taiwanese people are quite strict in rules and traditional values. There are notions about womenโ€™s looks and behavior that need girls to limit expressions of themselves.
  3. Limited choice in marriage. Historically, Taiwan girls have had three ways to get a husband. The most widespread form is an arrangement between families with a matchmaker participating. A bride and a bridegroom did not even see each other before the wedding. The second form of marriage meant adopting a teenage girl and raising her as a future daughter-in-law. It was the choice of a brideโ€™s parents. Usually, these marriages were miserable and short-term. The last form is taking a bridegroom to a brideโ€™s house to have a male heir. The previous two kinds of marriage are not popular now, but there is still a memory of them. Moreover, young people still need to ask parents for a blessing and a matchmaker for mediation. So, a marriage with a foreigner means a free choice.

Are Taiwanese mail order brides potential perfect wives?

Be sure they are! And the arguments are the following:

  • A Taiwanese wife will amaze you with love and care
  • They know how to be non-boring housewives
  • A Taiwanese wife will show exceptional respect to you
  • You will never lose your interest in her
  • Taiwanese wives love children
  • She will not confront you sharply

How to date Taiwanese brides?

This process has some common traits with Western traditions. Besides, there are local attitudes to severe dates and relationships of which you should be aware. These tips will help you to approach a Taiwanese girl successfully:

  • Look nealy. Going to date with Taiwanese beauty, be sure you are well-prepared โ€“ your clothes should be clean and ironed, and a formal outfit is desired. Spend time on your face as well as being shaved will raise the chances.
  • Compliment her. Taiwan girls are used to classic dates. So, being a gentleman careful for a woman will make your chances higher.
  • Show a serious intention. Taiwanese brides look for long-term relationships. Hence, you need to prove you are a decent man with the same attitude.
  • Do not push. For the Taiwanese people, being friendly and open is a part of a decent life. Youโ€™d better show this attitude to win her trust. Do not expect a fast development of a relationship. Be polite and thankful for the time you spent together.
  • Do not overshare. Taiwanese girls are quite modest and careful, so the time is needed to win their trust. Disclosing your past a lot on the first dates may push them away.
  • Do not ask for a meeting with her family unless you decided to marry. This step is severe for any Taiwanese bride, so do not rush for this moment, especially in case of doubts.

What to expect from a Taiwanese bride?

In marriage, you will enjoy life with the following points:

  • You will have a calm atmosphere between you two as she will not argue and make dramas.
  • You will be involved in a healthy lifestyle.
  • A Taiwanese wife will take unprecedented care of you.
  • You will have a partner whom you trust 100% because Taiwanese brides are exceptionally loyal.
  • Your parents will be delighted with a Taiwanese daughter-in-law to them.
  • Your children will always be cared for and loved.
  • Your initiatives will not meet refuses as Taiwanese wives are supportive.
  • You will always be surprised by how much she is wise and how many things she can do.

Top myths about Taiwanese brides debunked

Myth #1. They are silent thus boring

Despite the calm character, these wives have their opinions on everything. And you can have a pleasant discussion on any topic. Moreover, they often have hobbies to talk about.

Myth #2. They marry a foreigner because of money

Despite the economic problems, Taiwanese girls put values of a good marriage above all. In union with a foreigner, they expect love and support. Material resources is not a fact that shape their choice.

Myth #3. They are indecisive

Taiwanese girls do not rush building a serious relationship. Still, it does not mean they cannot do a step forward.


How to find a Taiwanese mail order bride?

Meeting a local woman is more manageable today due to online dating platforms. There are suggested steps to complete to find your Taiwanese love:

  1. Pick a couple of respectful dating sites. You can choose them based on the reviews.
  2. Create a profile there. Youโ€™d better spend some time to make it attractive and exciting.
  3. Start a chat with several Taiwanese ladies. Do not expect them to text you first.
  4. Make your final choice with whom to continue. Establish close contact only with the carefully selected girls.
  5. You can impress her with flowers and gifts delivery. Do not push too much, but give her time to consider your gesture.
  6. Invite her to a face-to-face date. Of course, it should take place in the country of her location.

Summing up

Taiwanese brides are fantastic for a happy long-lasted marriage. Marry her if you want a girl with ambitions and interests but calm by nature. These ladies are excellent wives, mothers, housewives, and friends. You will never regret this choice!