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Hot Brazilian Brides: How To Find A Woman Of Your Dreams

In Brazil, women are beautiful, that’s no doubt. Also, they are ardent, friendly, easy-going, not resentful and, on top of everything, they make great wives and mothers despite the stereotypes. Unfortunately, not all men can see the inner beauty of Brazilian brides when their outer attractiveness is so appealing. This is the reason why many Brazilian girls become mail order brides. They want true, genuine love based on respect and equality. That’s why Western men are so popular among them.
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In Brazil, brides are looking for foreign husbands. They want to be treated with respect, love and understanding. Unfortunately, that’s not what many of them can expect from Brazilian men.

In their turn, Western men seek marriage with Brazilian brides because they are very feminine, seductive, voluptuous, and family-oriented. If you are one of the men who have not been lucky to find this kind of woman in your country, read this guide.

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What attracts men in Brazilian brides?

Everyone knows that Brazilian girls are ardent and sensual. But there are many more things that they have:

Brazilian mail order brides are sunny

If you marry a Brazilian woman, you will never have anything to worry about in your life (apart from your family dramas). These ladies are relaxed, positive, and have a very sunny disposition. They don’t seem to be too serious, rarely are they resentful or pessimistic. That’s not about them. Of course, they can’t be bright and funny 24/7, but compared to other girls, Brazilian beauties indeed are joyful.

They are not shy

Tranquil, self-doubting, and timid – once again, this isn’t about Brazilian mail order brides. These girls often make the first step in a relationship (although they still expect you to do it), and it costs them nothing to approach a guy and start small talk. If you happen to be on a dance floor, and a Brazilian beauty invites you for salsa– never reject, otherwise she will take it as a hell of an insult.

Brazilian women share family values

Although Brazilian ladies are perceived as passionate, easy to enter relationships, and hot, they still are women with family values who are capable of becoming good mothers! Many Brazilian brides dream of starting a family, and for that, they need a husband who would see a personality in them, not just a sexy woman.

Passion is in their veins

There is probably no other nationality in the world as hot as Brazilians. The way local women look, dress, move, talk - all express inner passion and desire. It's hardly possible for a foreign man not to feel an attraction even to the waitress in the hotel restaurant.

Hot Brazilian women have some unique charm that works with every male. Relations for them is the place where she'll show all her passionate potential. No matter where, during the argument or in bed. These hotties expect the same from a man. In case you can’t brag with the same level of passion, you should at least handle hers.

brazilian lady

What do Brazilian brides look like?

What is the type of woman you imagine once you hear «a Brazilian woman»? Is it Adriana Lima? Or is it Taís Araújo? Each of us has our own understanding of what a girl from Brazil is, but let’s see some general facts.

They are super-diverse

There is no single image of a Brazilian woman. It happened historically, that in Brazil you can find girls with honey-colored, white or black skin, blonde, brown or jet-black hair with curls or which is straight. Some Brazil women are bootylicious and curvaceous, others are slim or thin.

That’s all thanks to the diverse heritage of Brazilian girls. In this country, you can find brides whose ancestors come from Europe (Portugal, Germany, Spain), Africa (Angola, Congo), and Asia (Japan). In the blood of many Brazilian girls also courses the blood of Native Americans.

Brazilian women are fit

No matter if a Brazilian bride is a well-endowed black girl or a model-like white woman, her body is strong and fit. Girls around the world go for plastic surgeries to get «a Brazilian booty», but Brazilian girls themselves don’t need it. First, they have full bodies thanks to genes, and second, they invest a lot of time and money into their healthy lifestyle. Brazilian brides dance, workout, eat healthy to have perfect bodies, and their endeavors can't be overstated.

They are curvy

Have you ever seen videos from famous beaches of this country? How is it possible not to lose the breath when you see curves of hot Brazilian girls in a bikini? The forms aren't always slender and slim. The figure of a typical hot Brazilian bride usually provokes you to feel hunger and appetite. A dream woman for a man to touch!

They are alluring

It’s not only about the bodies of Brazilian mail order brides. These girls are alluring and seductive also thanks to their inner charisma. It can be reflected in their enticing eyes and a magnetic smile. One movement of an eyebrow of a Brazilian girl can make you go mad, so better be careful. Once you fall in love with a Brazilian woman, it will be tough to fall out of it!

brazilian mail order bride

What are the traits of Brazilian brides?

Brazilian women have very nice personalities. Unfortunately, they are left unnoticed because many men pay attention only to their outer beauty. Let us tell what’s special about Brazilian women and what they are like.

They are honest

Honesty is a big deal for these women in South America. They avoid lying and expect the men they date to be honest too. Especially, they want them to be honest as far as the relationship is concerned. Brazilian women will tell you directly whether they want a hookup or a serious relationship. But they hate men who say «it’s serious» but disappear later.

Brazilian brides are fast in relationships

Brazilian girls don’t need long wooing. They don't need all those candies and flowers periods like, let’s say, Eastern European girls do. You blink wrong, she will become your wife and a mother of your children before two years mark since you first met.

They don’t understand sarcasm

Brazilian brides are funny. They have a great sense of humor and their laughter is infectious. You will long for their smile and laughter. But if you come from the US or Europe, leave your local (we mean sarcastic) style of joking at the door. If you make a sarcastic joke in front of a Brazil girl, she just won’t understand you in the best scenario. The worst-case scenario is when she gets upset with you.

brazilian girl

Why do Brazilian women become mail order brides?

Some people accuse Brazilian mail order brides of escaping the reality and being gold-diggers. But are these the true reasons why they look for husbands abroad?

  1. Brazilian girls don’t want to experience domestic violence and cheating. Unfortunately, in Brazil machismo is still flourishing. Many men are arrogant, egoistic and even abusive. For years Brazilian women have been suffering from home violence and saw their men committing adultery. Girls, who have seen their mothers’ broken lives, told themselves that they would never go through this hell. That’s why they seek husbands overseas.
  2. Brazilian girls rely on chemistry. If there is no spark, no passion, no feelings in a relationship – it’s not a relationship for a Brazilian woman. They deeply care about chemistry, so if they haven’t experienced anything like that with local guys, Brazilian girls start looking for foreigners.
  3. Brazilian women are looking for ambitious guys. They don’t need lazy couch-potatoes. Brazilian girls are looking for breadwinners who would have visions, plans for the future and on who they could rely upon.

Are Brazilian brides potential perfect wives?

Absolutely! Don’t listen to people who say Brazilian women are the worst for marriage. Perhaps, they mean girls who you can meet on a beach or in a nightclub and who don’t search for anything but a hookup. But it’s the same all over the world! Now see what makes a Brazilian mail order bride a perfect wife:

  • She wants to have a strong family with warm ties
  • A Brazilian bride respects her parents, she will respect yours too
  • She is super hot & sexy, so your matrimonial life will never be boring
  • These women are very caring moms
  • A Brazilian woman will go anywhere with you
  • She will make sure you always look good

Sounds convincing? Find out how to date a Brazil girl!

brazilian bride

Tips for dating Brazilian women

How to hook a Brazilian bride and make her see a potential husband in you? Follow these pieces of advice:

  1. Don’t be pushy. Brazilian girls are used to attention from men, but many of them are unserious. Show your interest in the personality of a Brazilian bride rather than her appearance and do not touch her unless she allows you. Otherwise, you’ll be in the club of bad machos who she avoids.
  2. Learn her language. Most girls in Brazil do not speak fluent English, besides those who work for international companies in big cities. Learn some Portuguese to be able to talk with her about basic things. It will also show her that you care.
  3. Dress up well and have a good cologne. No casual «Hawaii beach» T-shirts at dates!
  4. Ask her parents’ permission if it goes far. But note if you don’t get her parents approval, the case is dead. So do everything for them to like you!

Here’s how a Brazilian wife will make your life fun

  • You will always be surrounded by an unbridled passion
  • You will fall in love with Brazil because your wife and her family are patriots
  • You will be in love with your wife’s extended family
  • Your Brazilian wife will surprise you every day
  • She will always be in physical contact with you
  • Your Brazilian wife will be super loyal
  • You will never hear her complaining
  • You will learn how to dance
  • Your Brazilian wife will follow you everywhere
brazilian woman

Top myths about Brazilian brides debunked

Brazilian girls are the target of hurtful gossip. But we know that people talk behind their backs only because they are stunning and haters can’t stand it! Let’s see what stereotypes have been created about Brazilian male order brides.

Myth #1. Brazilian brides are gold-diggers

There are gold-diggers among girls, in every nation. But if a Brazilian mail order bride is curious about your financial status, it’s not because she wants your money but because she wants to be sure she doesn’t marry a guy who will be a financial burden to her.

Myth #2. Brazilian women are hysterical

No comments. Yes, Brazilian girls are fervent, ardent in love, and they can be dramatic in conflicts. A bit more dramatic than their Western counterparts, but they are not hysterical!

Myth #3. Brazilian girls are bad wives

Probably, it’s been said by men who searched for Brazilian wives in wrong places, like nightclubs. You can find a spouse there. Many Brazilian girls long for creating a family, bringing up children, and you can find them among mail order brides, but not girls who are interested in hookups.

brazilian beauty

How to find a Brazilian mail order bride?

It is very simple. This is a perfect algorithm for finding Brazil mail order brides:

  1. Research Brazilian mail order brides sites.
  2. Select a couple of the most reputable ones.
  3. Skip free sites (they are not safe, flooded with ads, spam and scam).
  4. Register on the best Brazil mail order bride sites.
  5. Work on your profiles (write attractive descriptions, add high-quality photos).
  6. Don’t wait for a woman of your dreams to fall on you from the sky – be active.
  7. Text Brazilian brides that you like, add them to your favorites, like their photos.
  8. Do a voice or video call with one or a few Brazilian women.
  9. You can also go on a romance tour to Brazil, organized by a brides agency.
  10. Narrow down your choice – it will happen naturally if you have already fallen in love.
  11. Stay in touch with your favorite Brazilian girl.
  12. Go on a date with her – visit her home country.
  13. Meet her parents – that’s crucial.
  14. Is she the one? Start working on the documents to get married!

It may look a bit simpler here than in reality, but at least you got a hint in which direction you should move. Go ahead!

The bottom line

Brazilian brides are a great choice for marriage. These women are friendly, honest, family-oriented, and, as a bonus, sultry. You will never be bored with a Brazilian wife, so if you want your life to be spiced up once and forever, marry a girl from Brazil!

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