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Have you heard anything about Colombian mail order brides? Do you know that they are some of the most affectionate, sultry and caring women on earth? Besides that, they are very responsible with their studies and careers. Colombian brides are very smart, responsible and ready to do anything for their loved ones. Did you know this? We will tell you even more. If you’re looking for a foreign wife, consider dating a Colombian woman at first.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Colombian Mail Order Brides

Colombian brides are in high demand among Western men. They long for these Latin women, not only because they are very attractive, sensual, playful and romantic, but also because they are responsible, eager to have kids and serious with their jobs and studies.

If you want to have a woman by your side who would always warm up your feelings, you need to marry a Colombian mail order bride. Scroll down to learn more about these beauties and how to steal their heart.

lovefort girl
latin women
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What attracts men in Colombian women?

Colombian brides are sweet and flirty

In Colombia, the most beautiful and flirtatious girls are in Medellin, Bogota and Cali. In Medellin, for example, ladies are so coquettish, that even women at official positions like officers in an airport, would tell you «mi amor», instead of «dear passenger».

Even Latin American men get astonished by Colombian girls, what to say about Western guys? The latter are just blown away by the playful nature of Colombian brides.

They are extremely romantic

If you think your ex-girlfriend was very romantic because she arranged candlelight dinners, you are wrong. Colombian girls always take romance to a whole new level. They are romantic 24/7 and they don’t need special occasions to surprise you. Date one and you’ll be shocked about how it works.

Colombian women are responsible

Not like many other Latin American girls, Colombian ladies are playful yet responsible. They would not ditch a guy in a serious relationship. They aren’t frivolous or careless. Colombian women value their education a lot and are serious about their jobs too. That’s why Western men adore them!


What do Colombian mail order brides look like?

Shakira, Sofia Vergara, and Zulay Henao are the objects of men’s desire all over the world. You might have known that these ladies are famous Colombian singers, actresses or models, but you have seen them or heard about their extraterrestrial beauty for sure.

Well, the good news is that most Colombian girls are like that.

Colombian women are proud of their hair

All Colombian girls have mesmerizing hair. And eyes. And smiles. Everything! They got it all from their mamas and the latter – from their white, Mestizo, Afro-Colombian, and indigenous ancestors. In Columbia, you can be charmed by brides with straight, wavy or curly hair of black, brown or sometimes fair tinges.

They have curvy bodies

Colombian male order brides have fabulous bodies. They are «juicy», curvaceous, well-endowed bombshells. There are many slim girls in Colombia, as well as plus-size, but all of them are graceful and magnetic.

Colombian girls dance really well

Moreover, Colombian brides know how to use their bodies. Most Colombian girls know how to dance salsa, cha-cha, samba, bachata, at least the basic steps! You can’t go to a party and reject dancing with a Colombian girl to the abundant and sensual Latin American music.


What are Colombian brides like?

Dating women isn’t about admiring their appearance only. It’s also about admiring their personalities. Here’s what you will love about Colombian brides:

They are loyal

Latin American women are known to deem extra-marital affairs neutrally. Yet, they are super-jealous. This is only partially true about Colombian women. They don’t usually cheat, but they will be jealous if you flirt with other ladies. If you want to have a loyal wife, marry a Colombian male order bride.

Colombian women are caring and affectionate

Colombian women are so caring, that they make their husbands and children lazy. They would do anything for their loved ones – cook, clean, help in any kind of work. Colombian girls are taught to do chores from a very young age.

Also, Colombian women are very affectionate, so you will always be surrounded by love and tenderness.

They are smart

Colombian brides are well-educated. 90% of those that you meet as mail order brides will at least have a college degree. They are also considered some of the most educated women in Latin America.


Why do Colombian girls seek husbands abroad?

What are the reasons that push Colombian girls to become mail order brides?

  1. Stability. Colombian women seek protective Western men who would be their stone wall. Unfortunately, men in Colombia don’t have great job opportunities, so many families struggle. Driven by love, Colombian women have decided not to let their children suffer as much as they did once, so they want a husband with ambitions, visions, and opportunities.
  2. Respect and equality. Machismo is still very rampant in Latin America. Colombian girls know how different Western men are in that sense. They are more supportive, they don’t objectify women but see them as equal partners. That’s what Colombian brides seek.
  3. Shortage of men. The male to female ratio in Colombia isn’t as bad as it could be somewhere else – there are around 96.1 Colombian guys per 100 Colombian girls – yet, the shortage is the shortage. Unlucky in relationships with local men, Colombian brides get foreign men on their radars.

Why do Colombian brides make perfect wives?

  • They are loyal
  • Colombian women love taking on responsibilities
  • They are eager to have children
  • They are affectionate and very romantic
  • A Colombian woman will never stop flirting with you even after marriage
  • They are great cooks
  • Family ties are important to them, she will respect your parents
  • They are smart and love working, so they don’t rely on the husband’s money only
  • Colombian brides are easy-going and have a sunny disposition
  • They always look attractive

Tips for dating Colombian women

If you want a Colombian beauty to pay attention to you, do (or don’t do) these things:

  1. Give them attention and be a gentleman. Colombian girls love flirting, but just like other Latin women, they will expect you to approach them. Do it gently, with some chivalry. Always talk to them nicely, open doors for them and offer your hand for help.
  2. Don’t behave like a cerdo (pig in Spanish) – remember your manners. A Colombian girl will never allow you to date her if you make noise while eating or talk too loudly in public.
  3. Don’t even think of mentioning Pablo Escobar or drug traffickers. Colombians hate it when people ask them where they are from and once they hear the response «Colombia», the interlocutors start reminiscing: «Oh, that’s where Escobar comes from, right?» It will be too rude, and you will just destroy everything with this phrase.
  4. Flirt back. A Colombian girl may lose interest in you if you behave like a snowman. Charm her with compliments and good humor. Forget about sarcasm, by the way, many Latin Americans don’t get it at all.
  5. Don’t offer to split the bill. She’s not American or European, remember? She’s looking for a guy who wouldn’t be greedy, so show her you are not. If you’re trying online dating, send her flowers or gifts so that she sees you care for her.

Life After Marrying Colombian woman

  • You will start eating cheese day & night. Colombians love it, and your Colombian wife wouldn’t miss an opportunity to add it to every meal.
  • You will learn how to understand if your wife doesn’t like something. Colombians aren’t used to saying «no», they even consider it rude. So think twice before your wife agrees to something – does she really mean it or is she just being polite?
  • You will become lazy. Colombian wives believe it’s their mission to do everything for the loved ones, from cooking to ironing their clothes. But be a decent human being and don’t take advantage of it!
  • She will call you by a nickname. Most likely your Colombian wife will call you «mi flaco» if you’re tall and thin or «mi gordito» if you’re well-fed.
  • You will enjoy family parties. Colombians always have something to celebrate, and even if your Colombian wife moves to your country, she won’t stop throwing fiestas.
  • You will become patient with people being late. Why? Because your Colombian spouse will always be late for everything.

Top myths about Colombian brides debunked

Many foreign men find the myths about mail order brides daunting and don’t even try dating brides for this reason. They believe that their fears about Colombian brides are true. This is understandable as they don’t want to be hurt in relationships. But by believing in the myths, they deprive themselves of happiness. Let’s see what is definitely wrong about Colombian mail order brides.

Myth #1. Colombian girls are gold-diggers

Some men are afraid that Colombian brides are materialistic, interested only in their wallets and are not going to give anything back. This is not true. Although Colombian women do look for men who are not poor, they do it only for the sake of creating stable families but not their «vain interests». A Colombian bride wants to be sure she and her children will have secured future. And she will always care for her husband just because he exists.

Myth #2. Colombian women are addicted to sex

There’s a belief that Latin people are sex-crazed and that because of this they cheat a lot. If it might be true for some nationalities, it is not so for Colombian women. These are decent and very loyal to their husbands.

Myth #3. All Colombian women are Catholics

Western men aren’t eager to marry very religious ladies. They are afraid to have conflicts over this topic, especially concerning what religion should their children adopt. Indeed, 79% of Colombians are Catholics, but only 25% are those who practice religion. Talk about this before you start a relationship if it’s a big deal for you, and show respect no matter what.


How to find a Colombian woman for marriage?

Everything mentioned above sounds good, doesn’t it? Then it’s time for you to start searches for a beautiful Colombian male order bride. Here’s a to-do list:

  1. Find reliable Colombian mail order bride sites;
  2. Register on a few to increase your chances of meeting the right girl;
  3. Use all the search and communication tools on the site to approach girls;
  4. Don’t be passive: make the first step in interaction;
  5. Consider going on a romance tour to Colombia;
  6. Send bouquets and presents to the Colombian woman you like;
  7. Arrange the first date with her;
  8. Think about inviting an interpreter (Colombian mail order bride agencies offer such services);
  9. Fall in love!

The bottom line

Colombian women are some of the best candidates for perfect wives. If you’re looking for an affectionate, caring and responsible woman, a Colombian girl is right what you need. These ladies are open to communication, easy-going, and very positive. Dating a Colombian mail order bride will be your brightest experience in life.

There are many wonderful women all over the world, but if you feel like a Colombian bride is your type, don’t waste your time. Go to mail order bride sites and put all the theory you have learnt from this article, to practice. Good luck!