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Slavic Brides: Beauty, Values, And Dating Tips

The prettiest women in the whole world - this is what Slavic brides are said to be. It is easy to make sure of this from the very first sight - the vast majority of ladies from Russia, Ukraine, and Czech Republic mesmerize with their attractiveness. But beauty is not their only virtue. Slavic mail order brides are also great wives and mothers. Moreover, these ladies make perfect life partners and are very interesting counterparts.

What can you say about Slavic women?

Are they pretty? Do they like men’s assistance and gentlemen actions? What do they think about family and how do they live? If you can answer these questions, you know a little bit of these ladies. It is enough for you to maintain a conversation about them, but… For communication with Slavic girls and life together you should know a lot more.

We will share a lot of info with you in this article about the stunning Slavic mail order brides! Take your time and read everything: in the end, there will be a little list of do’s and don’ts on the first date with one of these gorgeous women.

Slavic Brides By Countries

Belarus Beautiful Women
Beautiful Belarusian mail order brides are extremely popular among Western men. These ladies aren’t only naturally beautiful, but they also have great personalities and possess all the necessary traits for being perfect wives. They are hard-working, caring and affectionate. If you’re looking for a spouse who would be well-educated and erudite, who would love her husband more than anything else, who would be eager to start a family, marrying a Belarusian bride is what you need.
czech bride
Czech mail order brides are hot pies among men from different countries. They are wise, they have high standards, yet they are simple and sincere. Czech women make great wives because they are caring, well-educated and good at managing conflicts. They are also open-minded when it comes to dating younger men. If you’re interested in getting a faithful and loving wife, you should consider dating Czech mail order brides. Have you heard anything about them? Do you think they are cheap and racist?
Polish Women
In Poland, women are amazing. They make ideal wives. That’s because they are affectionate, super caring, and loyal. Polish women are open to dating foreigners, despite stereotypes that revolve around them, they are highly-educated and it’s not that easy to amuse them by small talks. If you want to find and marry a Polish mail order bride, you need to learn some secrets. In this review of Polish brides, we will tell you everything about dating Polish women, their personalities and habits.
russian women
Russian girls are very popular among men who look for wives abroad. Yet, there are many unanswered questions about them. What are Russian mail order brides like? Why Western men are so much obsessed with the beauty of Russian women? Why Russian girls make perfect wives? How interesting will your life with a Russian wife be? Is it true that all Russian brides are gold-diggers and seek only a «green card»?
Slovakian Women
Slovakian girls are known for their high cheekbones, peculiar accent and capacity of becoming perfect wives. If you’re interested in creating a family with a dedicated, affectionate and faithful woman, a Slovakian bride should be your choice. In this Slovakian mail order brides review we will discuss why these ladies are so attractive to foreigners, why they seek husbands abroad, what makes them good spouses and what can you do to win the heart of one of them.
Slovenian Women
What do you know about Balkan girls? Everyone says they are extremely beautiful and are open to dating foreigners. Foreigners do come to Balkan countries to seek adventures. But if you’re the one who longs for a real long-term relationship, we advise you to focus on Slovenian brides. Slovenian mail order brides make ideal wives. They’re feminine, very kind and educated. They know what they want and cherish family values. They make perfect mothers and it’s never boring to be with them.
ukrainian bride
Ukrainian mail order brides are some of the most popular women seeking marriage in the world. Many foreign men describe them as the most beautiful ladies on earth, super-caring, lovely, and ambitious. But most importantly, many men see Ukrainian women as the perfect «marriage material» since they are supportive, family-centered and non-conflict. Is it really so? What are the real qualities that Ukrainian girls possess?

Slavic brides: who are these girls?

Slavic brides are women seeking men abroad. Some of them cannot travel a lot because of work or financial problems, and they try to find their perfect match using dating sites. Men come to those platforms too, looking for wives, and there happens the miracle of love on a distance. Communication may lead to meeting and dating, and may even lead to a marriage.

There are various reasons of why these girls try to find their perfect match among foreigners, but Western men seem to be happy with it. There is no surprise why they are happy: such feminine and intelligent ladies are the real treasure for successful men.

You should know why a lot of men suppose these women to be a treasure. Before you go to a dating site, you need enough info about Slavic brides: their traditional features, desires, and pitfalls that are waiting for you on the road to happiness. Please, read our guide before making any decisions. You will either decide that you need to find a bride among other ladies or will get more inspired to find love among Eastern European beauties.

Slavic woman

Ladies from Slavic countries are extremely attractive to Western men. The reasons for such popularity of these beauties vary: after reading our guide you will define your own reasons to date an Eastern European girl. We present here the most alluring features of brides from Russia, Ukraine, and other states of Eastern Europe.

Understanding is their second name

The understanding and communicative talent of Slavic people are legendary. These features are of traditional nature: girls and men in Slavic countries adore to discuss their problems and happy moments with family and friends. You will unlikely see a person who keeps the emotions inside if he/she has a good friend. Russian and Ukrainian people believe that they usually do not need a psychologist because they tend to talk about everything in their lives. At the same time, they are very reserved with new friends, so you should not wait that your woman will make a full disclosure on the first date. Yet, after some time, you will see how sincere and open she is, and how skillfully and nicely she may listen to you and talk about everything.

So, if you want your woman to be not only a housewife and mother to your kids, but a friend too, a Slavic girl is the best choice for marriage.

They look brilliant

In spite of the fact that women in Slavic countries are beautiful, there may be just attractive women who do not impress with their perfect facial lines or body curves. But, all of them adore to pamper themselves and look stunning any time of the day. It is vitally important for them to look amazing, even if they walk the dog. People should see her beauty, and she will make everything for her neighbors not to see her sloppy or washed out. So, even if a Slavic bride is not incredibly beautiful, she is still attractive, charming, and groomed.

Family members’ happiness is first for them

Family is a priority to a lot of women, but you will rarely meet a Slavic woman who does not want to have children. We cannot say is it a traditional feature or women inherit it from their mothers, but it is still a fact: the majority of these beauties dream about harmony in relationship and health of their family members.

They can be perfect hostesses

Love to making home cozy, clean, and tidy depends on a person. Yet, Slavic women’s upbringing tells them that they have to keep their houses in perfect condition. Why? There are a lot of reasons, from “for be always ready for a guest” to “keeping the house clean will help to keep the mind clean and soul disciplined.” However, you still can fall for a girl who hates all that housekeeping stuff, and we hope that you will love her anyway.

They tend to get better education

This is not the most popular reason for Slavic girls’ popularity, but it is still a very interesting feature. Education in Eastern European countries is highly important, as the employers always look at the university a person has got their initial skills in. The better education a girl has, the bigger her chances to get a good job are. That is why they try to study hard and become smarter and smarter. So, do not get surprised if your Eastern European lady will beat you in an argument!

Slavic bride

Why do these gorgeous ladies seek love abroad?

  1. They want to get a more emotive and romantic partner. People of Eastern Europe tend to be quite reserved and even cold, especially after several months or years of relationship. Women who have experienced such coldness will never want to feel that again. So, some of the women become mail brides to find more emotional and even passionate partner. Western men are usually very attentive and warm-hearted, so there is no surprise why they look so attractive to Slavic beauties.
  2. They dream about financial and moral stability. Western men seem to be very generous and reliable, and any woman needs to feel that stability and mental power near her man. If you are ready to provide your beloved lady with such simple things as support, both mental and financial, you will be granted love, happiness, and the highest degree of appreciation of your girl.
  3. They want to move to another country. The majority of Slavic women do not dream about leaving their motherland, but sometimes it is needed. For example, if there is a complicated political or social situation for upbringing kids, or if the attitude to women in a country is controversial or aggressive. Luckily, Eastern Europe is comfortable enough for all the people, but there still can be some local problems a woman may want to avoid. You can save your beauty from those local “beasts” and make her a gift by taking her to your homeland.
Slavic girl

What are the risks of dating and marrying a Slavic bride?

If you realize that you have to make a Slavic beauty fall for you to be finally happy, you should understand that these women may differ a lot from those who you meet every day in your country. It may be difficult to communicate with them, not even talking about life together. But, we hope that you are ready for some difficulties! That is why we have prepared a list of possible risks you may face trying to get a Slavic girl. Forewarned is forearmed, right?

You need to be ready to deal with the following issues:

  1. Language issue is quite a problem. If you look for foreign beauties, you probably understand what is like to have no possibility to talk with a woman of your nationality and don’t come to an understanding. However, a girl from a Slavic country may trigger even more problems if she does not speak your language. Luckily, English is a very easy-to-learn language, so you should not worry about how to speak with your bride. Meanwhile, you can speak the body language, for example.
  2. You have different cultural background It is not a significant reason to be afraid of international marriages nowadays: people learn cultures of the other countries along with their own one. However, there may be some awkward situations with your friends and your woman understanding nothing from your jokes and stories. Share your lifestyle, history of your country, music, and movies and have a good time learning the same but Slavic.
  3. Both of you may not overcome stress after her moving to you. If your Eastern European girl moves to you or you decide to stay in her country, you should understand that there will be a lot of stressful moments. The new medical system, different laws, insurance, day-to-day issues, troubles with documents - all these may affect the mental health of you two. But, you may not even notice these problems if you dive into love and family, so try to focus on your happiness, not on the road to it.
Slavic lady

How to make your date perfect with a Slavic mail order bride

We believe that it will be easy for you to charm a Slavic beauty and come to her for a date - or ask her to visit your country! It will be an incredible date, but we would like to help you a bit to make it unforgettable. Below you will find out little tips on how to charm your beautiful date.

  • Get her a bouquet. It may be a bit uncomfortable for a woman to carry a bouquet if you are going to walk through the parks in summer. So, if you want to go for a walk, get her a rose, for example, for her to see how much you care about her comfort even on a walk. If you want to spend an evening at a luxury restaurant or home, make your entrance shocking with a huge bunch of flowers!
  • Keep an eye contact. Do it when you give her a bouquet when you compliment her and her today’s outfit when you talk with her. She will be embarrassed with such attention - and you should measure the degree of your feelings showing for her not to shield herself from you.
  • Do not allow yourself to make a lot of physical contacts. Your gorgeous bride may think that you came for her body, not for her soul and mind. Do not scare your lady with too early kisses or something more - respect her personal space, at least on the first date.
  • Make some research on her country’s culture. It will make her glad if you greet her in her native language or appreciate her stories about her motherland.
  • Do not mess with stereotypes. Russian girls with vodka dancing to balalaika sounds is not even a joke anymore - it is an offense. Some girls may laugh at their culture, but it does not mean that you should start your date by asking her where can you see a bear. The answer will be “in a zoo,” complemented by saying goodbye to your happy relationships.
Slavic mail order bride


Some people go online being sure that there they definitely will find a partner. The majority of those who just started using dating platforms may make a great mistake relying on services too much. Slavic brides do want to communicate, and the platforms give a lot of possibilities to make contacts with them, but the administration is not responsible for people’s success in relationships. The only thing you can get on dating sites is the chance - the chance to be happy. Use all your energy to make a lovely woman interested in you, not to blame anyone in your fails, and a Slavic lady will be happy to be the woman of a strong and serious man.

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