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Russian girls are very popular among men who look for wives abroad. Yet, there are many unanswered questions about them. What are Russian mail order brides like? Why Western men are so much obsessed with the beauty of Russian women? Why Russian girls make perfect wives? How interesting will your life with a Russian wife be? Is it true that all Russian brides are gold-diggers and seek only a «green card»?

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Russian Mail Order Brides: Steady Beauties with Soft Hearts

Russian women are well-known among those men who praise beauty. Some guys claim that Russian nymphs can steal a soul with one sight or eyelash perm. Along with that, there's a belief these beauties have a cold heart that doesn’t let them fall in love. On the contrary, another opinion indicates that there are no more passionate wives than Russian. They are also considered amazing cookers and housekeepers as well as devoted mothers.

hot ukrainian girl
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Well, there are lots of contradicting opinions, aren’t they? Therefore, an investigation on the characteristics and peculiarities of Russian mail order brides is sharply and urgently needed. The results of exploration are described in this text. Perhaps, the secrets of how Russian brides disarm men were revealed as well.

How do Russian brides fascinate lonely and not only men?

Russian mail order brides have always been attracting men all over the world. There are many reasons for that: stunning beauty, mysterious soul, strong character… Are there any other secrets of making men lose their minds? Sure, and here are some peculiarities:

Russian girls like freedom

Ladies from Russia are quite independent. They know how to use proper tools and ways to achieve goals. This observation is relevant for relationships too. Russian beauties demonstrate a serious approach to choosing a man with whom they plan to live forever. They won’t listen to their parents if their opinions on a potential husband contradict.

They carry on the traditions

Russian girls’ independence doesn’t imply that they're tumbleweeds. These ladies honor traditions of their and their husband’s cultures. Russian brides put the family as a priority. From young ages, they dream about the wedding and home full of kids. However, wives from Russia aren't those who close themselves at home. They'll realize their potential in other life spheres too. Russian wives are a perfect sample of women who find a perfect balance for all essential things in life.

Russian ladies are steady

These beauties know how to face obstacles during hard times. They know how to make money, keep house and family, and help others to pass harsh circumstances. Wives from Russia are also fantastic family managers. Along with that, they don’t allow other people to let these beauties down. Nevertheless, Russian brides don’t lose their femininity. They just might keep it away from other people’s looks, but a husband will see all this beauty. Sometimes people call it “mysterious soul” as Russian girls have contradicting traits of character inside them.


What is the appearance of Russian brides?

Russian beauties have stolen lots of men’s hearts. Guys can’t forget these nymphs even after just one date. What causes such an impression? Let’s find out.

Russian girls possess natural beauty

These nymphs were formed by a diverse gene pool. On the territory of Russian, many ethnicities collided in a unique mix. Slavic, Tatar, Finno-Ugric, Caucasian, and other bloods contributed to the current exceptional beauty of Russian brides.

Most of the northern beauties have blond hair, light eyes, and a fair complexion. However, Russian appearance is diverse, so there are girls from Russian with other looks too.

Russian women keep bodies well-groomed

Being beautiful is important in Russian culture. Since childhood, girls are working on looking wonderful. Healthy food and permanent workout aren't the only measures taken to make an amazing look. Along with that, Russian girls spend much time on cosmetic procedures. These actions allow them to look gorgeous without plastic surgeries.

Russian beauties are stylish

Russian wives consider fashion a topic necessary to learn by all the women. They're experts in trends of clothes, makeup, famous brands, and accessories. These designers reach to create amazing images that drive men crazy. Contrary to popular belief, Russian brides don’t wear only skirts and high heels, so you'll see them in various outfits.


What is the character of Russian brides?

Some people might consider Russian brides hard to understand. Sometimes their soul is compared to a secret. Let’s set out to solve this mystery.

Russian women are soft-hearted

Russian wives are grown up in culture that teaches women to care about men and families. That’s why they value marriage and don’t refuse cherishing husbands. These girls won’t be home slaves, but they can’t stop themselves from maximum care about family.

They look introverted

In the streets of post-USSR countries, foreigners notice that local people aren’t that generous with smiles. They also seem to be gloomy and unfriendly. Such a view can raise doubts about whether Russian brides are worthy of trying a relationship with. Nevertheless, it’s just a wrong opinion. In case you are sincere and persistent, these girls will start being more open to you. Later, you'll be surprised by their talkativeness and fun. So, don’t let illusions destroy your plans!

Russian ladies are strict to the point

Russian b are quite straightforward. They know that men are bad at hints and metaphors. So, with a Russian wife, you're saved from misunderstandings as she tells strictly about her wishes. Along with that, they're good at flirting. Thus, these women combine straightforwardness with playful behavior.


Why do Russian girls choose to be mail order brides?

What makes Russian mail order brides seek marriage to guys overseas? Are they unhappy in their home country? Lonely men are concerned with these questions. Well, you shouldn’t think that something is wrong with these beauties. Explore the reasons why Russian girls choose to marry a foreigner:

  1. Russia experiences a gender shortage. The difference between the numbers of men and women is more than 10 million — it’s huge and tremendous! Hence, there's no surprise that Russian wives are so active in the online dating market.
  2. Russian men are alcohol fans. Men in Russia consider drinking often and a lot a skill to be proud of. However, this cultural peculiarity means many unhappy families. Therefore, Russian brides want to avoid this destiny.
  3. Home violence is a widespread practice. That is so because of alcohol and patriarchal opinions about family hierarchy. This is one more reason to escape the destiny in the home country.
  4. Russian girls seek respect for them. Therefore, foreigners with their appreciation of women look attractive.
  5. Russian women want to get marriage and finally feel stability. They want to be sure about a man and marriage with him. That’s why these girls look for foreigners with serious intentions.

How do Russian brides make amazing wives?

How do Russian wives make their husbands the happiest in the world? There are their secrets revealed:

  • Russian girls manage all life spheres and don’t lose priority for family.
  • They're well educated and fun at the same time.
  • Russian women for marriage open their hearts fully to families.
  • They're strict to the point and determined to find the best solutions to conflicts.
  • Brides from Russia keep themselves well-groomed.
  • Wives from Russia don’t let themselves to be arrogant.
  • They're magicians in keeping house and cooking.
  • Russian girls don’t refuse to help, especially if family members are in need.
  • They don’t tolerate betrayals.

Tips to make a date with a Russian bride special

Russian ladies have a specific image of an ideal date. What is their vision of a decent man? Here's the list of helpful tips on how to win her heart:

  1. Be attentive to her needs and interests. Asking whether she's cold, hungry, or tired will prove you're a careful man. Also, don’t ignore her messages – if she texts you often, you're really on her mind. Don’t waste this chance!
  2. Be a gentleman. Russian brides are ready to relocate because of rude men in their home country. So, don’t go down this journey!
  3. Prove you're reliable. Show you can pay for and help her with solving the problems. Be persistent in wooing her – these girls don’t agree to date immediately.

How will a Russian wife change your life?

Marrying someone changes your everyday life. And marriage with a wife of a distinctive cultural background can change your routine dramatically. Let’s find out how your living will be modified by a Russian wife.

  • A Russian wife is a magnificent chef. In your kitchen, there always will be fresh, home-cooked meals. Also, you'll stop considering Russian cuisine strange.
  • A Russian bride will expect her husband to do all the “male” work – repairing, changing, fixing, and other actions to keep home well-maintained. You call professionals to complete these tasks. However, if a man is capable of doing it by himself, the wife will see god in the spouse.
  • You won’t miss any weekend of your and her cultures. These days, a Russian wife cooks many meals and asks family members to share a dinner, including parents and relatives. A refusal to join is considered an insult. So, don’t think you’ll have a chance to disappear from home.
  • Your house will be full of handmade things. Russian wives are exceptional masters of knitting, sewing, painting, etc. Perhaps, she’ll even start her business.

Top silly myths about Russian girls for marriage

Russian brides are shrouded with lots of stereotypes. Unfortunately, these myths often spoil conversation between lonely men and Russian beauties. Read disproves about popular stereotypes to avoid problems in contacting.

Myth #1. Russian brides marry for money

Well, if you search scrupulously, you’ll find some gold-diggers among Russian girls. Still, most of them follow hearts when making a decision on whether to answer “yes” to a man. These girls consider financial status as proof of men’s ambitions. Nevertheless, they won’t leave a man who experiences trouble with money.

Myth #2. They marry for relocation

Yes, migration is always a necessary requirement for a man and a woman from different countries to live together. Russian mail order brides are aware of this fact and ready to relocate to a husband’s state. However, it’s not an aim of marriage but an unavoidable step for them. Migration is a hard task, so it’s a luxury to meet a girl who is not afraid of this move.

Myth #3. Russian brides don’t have serious intentions

Some men might claim that brides from Russia are fake. One of the opinions is that there are fake accounts on dating sites to get money from foreigners. Another assumption is that Russian girls are flirty and targeted at getting attention instead of building a family. However, these beliefs are entirely wrong. On dating sites, users should pass several procedures, including providing documents, to open an account. Regarding flirt, Russian girls can do it in case they feel unique vibes between them and men. Still, they seek furthermost the serious relationships that will end up in marriages.

How to find a Russian love online?

Russian mail order brides are gathered at online dating sites. Sounds handy, doesn’t it? These sites are platforms where dreams about marriage come true. Regarding marriage with a Russian bride, there are several steps to achieve this goal:

  1. Select several reliable Russian mail order wife sites basing on reviews.
  2. Pass the registration procedure and make up an appealing profile.
  3. Choose several active women and keep in contact with video calls.
  4. Realize which girl makes your heart pound.
  5. Ask her for an offline date and do your best!

To sum up

Russian wives are gorgeous women with strong souls and loving hearts. They have all the traits men dream of seeing in their spouses. If you want such a marriage, then what are you waiting for? Try your luck at a Russian mail order bride website!