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Why Russian Mail Order Brides? Here’s All About Them

Russian girls are very popular among men who look for wives abroad. Yet, there are many unanswered questions about them. What are Russian mail order brides like? Why Western men are so much obsessed with the beauty of Russian women? Why Russian girls make perfect wives? How interesting will your life with a Russian wife be? Is it true that all Russian brides are gold-diggers and seek only a «green card»?
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Russian women are the most beautiful – this is a common cliche that you hear about them. You must have also heard that Russian girls are perfect «wife material» and even probably that your life will be a dream when dating Russian brides. But why is this so? Why is the world so much obsessed with Russian girls?

Is it their peculiar accent? Is it their pursuit of marriage or desire to look stunning for men at any time of the day? Is it their intelligence and straightforwardness? Is it because Russian women are fun, but also very serious when it comes to commitment?

To be honest, we don’t know what are the Russian woman’s superpowers that disarm men from all over the globe. But what we can tell you about Russian women is what makes them unique brides, wives and how to make things work with them.

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What makes Russian brides so distinct from others?

Due to cultural differences, history, family traditions and many other factors, people behave differently in different countries. It seems so obvious unless you face the diversity on your own. You may know that in Russia women are special, not like anybody else. This may even attract you in them. But you may not know how exactly this will influence your life and how to overcome intercultural differences when dating a Russian mail order bride.

Here are the things which make Russian women unique, and it might be a challenge for you to accept them the way they are (unless you’re madly in love, which is very likely).

Russian women are free

Russian girls always decide for themselves who to date, who to marry and when (besides a few exceptions). That’s why many of them become Russian mail order brides – they are the sculptors of their future.

Despite this, they’re traditional

Even though Russian ladies are independent in their choice of a boyfriend or husband, they prefer sticking to the traditional family model. Of course, it doesn’t mean that a Russian bride is eager to become a housewife. On the contrary, Russian girls are ambitious at work. However, they prefer being feminine, responsible for cooking, chores and kids, while men, in their eyes, should be breadwinners.

Russian brides are strong

Russian girls indeed have very contradicting traits. Yes, they are feminine, but strong at the same time. Russian women are commanders when it comes to family life, they can take care of the budget, they will plan and manage everything in the family and they will overcome any obstacles. When life brings lemons to a Russian woman, she will make (no, not lemonade) – kompot! (Now, google this before you start dating a Russian mail order bride).

russian bride

The appearance of Russian women

This peculiarity of Russian girls deserves a separate block in this article. Why are Russian mail order brides so attractive?

Russian girls are beautiful naturally

Russian women have a rich gene pool. Apart from the blood of Slavic people, in the veins of Russian girls courses the blood of Finno-Ugric peoples, and sometimes of Tatars, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Armenian and so on due to the USSR past of the country.

That’s why all Russian girls are diverse and so attractive. Among them, you can find Russian beauties with fair and blonde hair, blue eyes, and girls with perfect light skin, jet-black hair and mesmerizing brown eyes.

In Russia, women take good care of their bodies

Being on strict diets, working out regularly, limiting the consumption of fast food – that’s just the least things that Russian women would do to have perfect bodies. Most Russian women are slim because society expects them to be so – a beautiful Russian woman must look almost like a model, that’s the beauty standard there.

They dress up well

Russian girls love to follow fashion. They do it also to attract men. Makeup, clothes from famous brands and cute accessories – these are the secret tools for charming men. By the way, there’s still a stereotype existing that in Russia brides only wear high heels and mini-dresses even when they go to buy groceries.

This is less common in the progressive parts of the world. Girls would rather wear sneakers and convenient dresses than stress themselves out, yet they would make sure to look fashionable.

russian woman

The main traits of Russian girls

Before we move on to identifying Russian women as mail order brides, let’s, first of all, look at what makes their personality great.

Russian women are very caring

These are not empty words. Russian girls are brought up in an atmosphere where women care about men, that’s why they would always serve their husbands. Even though Russian ladies realize that relationships are not about serving but giving and taking, they just can’t help but do all they can to satisfy their loved ones.

They seem to be introverted

If you go to Russia or most of the post-USSR countries, you will notice that people don’t smile in the streets. It is also very difficult to start a conversation with them, and there’s no such a thing like small talk in Russia. That’s why many Western men are scared off by Russian women – they seem to be too cold-hearted to be hit on.

But if you try to be sincere with a Russian brides and if you keep being persistent, she will open up to you. Only then will you realize how fun and talkative Russian girls can be.

In Russia brides are straightforward

Russian women tell what they think. Not like in American or any other Western culture, in Russia, people don’t try to be pretentious and flatter anyone around. If they don’t like you, they will tell you directly. So don’t expect a Russian woman to use any euphemisms or metaphors in her conversations with you.

russian girl

Why do women in Russia seek marriage to foreigners?

Why do Russian girls become mail order brides? Why can’t they find their happiness in their own country? If you’re inexperienced in online dating, you may even think that there’s something wrong with Russian mail order brides. But these ladies indeed have serious ground for seeking a foreign husband. Let’s look at the reasons why Russian mail order brides do this:

  1. There’s just not enough men for them in Russia. As of 2018, in Russia there lived 78.7 million women and only 68.1 million men.
  2. In Russia, brides don’t want to date drinkers. 80% of all Russian men consume alcohol, while only 55% of women do so too.
  3. Russian mail order brides don’t want to face home violence. Russian men often beat their wives and there’s no law in the country yet to protect them.
  4. Russian women want someone who respects them. They can find this is Western men who embrace female emancipation.
  5. Russian girls want stability. They know that a tender foreign man will do anything for their love and care.

Got it? Now let’s see why you should marry a Russian woman.

russian pretty lady

Here’s why Russian brides make the best wives

Thousands of men from all over the world visit Russia or register on Russia mail order bride sites to find a perfect wife. But what is it about Russian girls?

  • They keep perfect work-private life balance
  • In Russia, women always prioritize family
  • They try to be independent of their parents so that they don’t intervene in the relationship
  • Russian women are super tender, loving and caring
  • They cook amazing food
  • You will never get bored with a Russian wife
  • Russian wives always try to look good
  • They’re obsessed with satisfying their husbands
  • They love partying and family celebrations, so it’s always fun with Russian women
  • Russian wives are faithful
  • They are straightforward, and it’s good when it comes to solving conflicts
  • They can be very altruistic
  • Russian women are proud, but not arrogant

Before you get married to a Russian girl, you need to date her. Here’s how to succeed in it.

russian beauty

How to date a Russian lady?

To date a Russian woman, you need to understand that she comes from a post-USSR country and has many expectations about men.

  1. First of all, show her a lot of attention. A Russian girl can get upset if you don’t reply to her messages or don’t call her regularly.
  2. She loves chivalry. In Russia, mail order brides expect to receive flowers from men and be treated like princesses – open the door for her, offer your hand to help her get out of a car, etc.
  3. Show her you can be her protector. Pay for her in restaurants, take on responsibilities, defend her in any conflicts (Russian girls love machos).

How much time does it take to melt the heart of a Russian snow maiden? It depends, sometimes it’s three weeks, sometimes it’s one year. Remember that a Russian woman will always expect you to make the first step in anything, including the offer to get married.

How will your marriage life be with a Russian wife?

We all know that Russian girls are sweet and good wives. But let’s look at some cultural things which will make your domestic life with a Russian wife unusual.

  • A Russian wife cooks for a week ahead. It’s not common in Russia to cook fresh food for each day or meal unless the woman is a housewife (but still she will cook for a few days ahead).
  • She will expect you to do all the «male» works – repair a tap, change a light bulb, throw away the garbage, hammer nails, fix shelves, etc. You can call a plumber, electrician or somebody else for all these things, but if you do them by yourself, she will praise you!
  • A Russian wife needs her husband to stay with her over the weekend. Don’t even try to escape by going out with friends to watch football or going fishing as Russian men do.
  • Visit her parents on holidays. New Year, Christmas, February 23 (Defender of the Fatherland Day), March 8 (Women’s Day), Easter, Independence Day – no matter what’s the purpose of all these holidays, Russian people consider them as the ground for meeting the family. Expect a lot of tasty home-made food and alcohol.

There are many more things which will spice up your family life with a Russian woman. That’s why you should consider dating her. How do you find a Russian wife? Start dating a Russian mail order bride.

russian beautiful blonde

Top myths about Russian brides debunked

Russian mail order brides are famous worldwide. Russian girls are so famous that they are shrouded in myths. Let’s see what’s true and what’s false.

Myth #1. Russian brides are gold-diggers

Of course, there are gold-diggers among Russian girls, just like among other girls too. But in the majority Russian women are very honest, just and sincere. They may look for men with money, but it doesn’t mean Russian girls stick to men only because of this. Neither it means that Russian brides would not give men anything back like love.

Myth #2. They just want a «green card»

Dating a foreigner is always an opportunity for a woman to leave her country, but this is not the main reason for a Russian bride. Russian women have big hearts and they do marry out of love. They don’t marry to move out of Russia, but they move out because of love. They would do anything for their husbands, even leave their beloved homeland.

Myth #3. Russian brides are fake

Some people believe there’s no such a thing like Russian mail order brides. They think that on dating sites there are accounts of fake people and the system functions just to get money from foreigners.

In fact, the whole thing is so real and complicated that you won’t believe easily. Russian women go to marriage agencies, pass interviews and tests, provide their documents and photos and let the agencies to help them in seeking a husband. There’s a lot of work done, and to see the results, search for Russian mail order bride success stories.

How can you find a Russian mail order bride?

  1. Select several trustworthy Russian mail order bride sites
  2. Register there and create attractive profiles
  3. Text several women, always be active
  4. Go on a Russian romance tour to meet single Russian girls
  5. Do video calls, send flowers to a Russian bride
  6. Go on an offline date

The bottom line

Russian women are truly unique. They combine all the traits a perfect wife would have. If you want to get a Russian wife and live happily, date a Russian mail order bride!

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