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Feminine & Feminist: Why Czech Mail Order Brides Are Special

Czech mail order brides are hot pies among men from different countries. They are wise, they have high standards, yet they are simple and sincere. Czech women make great wives because they are caring, well-educated and good at managing conflicts. They are also open-minded when it comes to dating younger men. If you’re interested in getting a faithful and loving wife, you should consider dating Czech mail order brides. Have you heard anything about them? Do you think they are cheap and racist?
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The Czech Republic is a country at the crossroads of Europe. It has features of both Western and Eastern parts of this continent, so do the people. When it comes to dating Czech mail order brides, you need to keep this in mind.

This is also the reason why Czech women are so much desired among men from all over the world. They combine such features as femininity and feminism, so you will never be bored of dating Czech girls. If you want to have a Czech wife, find out more about them below.

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Why do men want Czech mail order brides?

That’s an easy question to answer. Czech women are special, that’s it. Here’s what all the hype about them is:

Czech women are independent

Since the collapse of communism, many things have changed, in particular for women. Czech girls have got a chance to live a life with fewer gender-based obstacles and do what they want but not what others expect them to do. That’s why most of the Czech ladies pursue tertiary education, try themselves in business, and climb the career ladder.

They are truly independent, compared to their Eastern European counterparts. They would not sacrifice their whole lives for family, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to get married at all. The ambitions and endeavors of Czech women are what turns many foreign men on.

Yet, they need a man’s strong & caring shoulder

Although Czech women are more feminist than, let’s say, Russian brides, they do not mind being treated with care. Who would mind, by the way? Czech girls, despite their independence, are still feminine and expect a strong and confident man to support them in career or in studying.

Foreign men love this in Czech brides and would gladly provide them with a strong and caring shoulder. If you’re one of them, you’re on the right path.

Czech women are calm

Another thing that attracts men in Czech women is that they are calm and peaceful. If you are more into passionate and ardent girls, then, perhaps, you should date Latinas. But if you need a tranquil and non-conflict person, marry a Czech mail order bride.

If there is any trouble in your relationship, a Czech woman will find a wise solution to it. That’s thanks to her intelligence (remember, she is feminist) and cuteness (she’s feminine too).

Czech women for marriage are open to the world

Ladies in this country are freedom lovers and don't enjoy setting up borders. That is why it isn't difficult for her to create a family with a foreigner. Her openness and inner-born hospitality will amaze you when you marry a Czech girl. She's open to new experiences in sexual life also. If you ever dreamt of being with a woman who isn't against experiments, a Czech girl for marriage is your choice. She will never judge you!

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The appearance of Czech mail order brides

Czech women are super-attractive. This is the reason why among Czech ladies there are many famous models like Eva Herzigová, Helena Houdová, Veronika Vařeková and Paulina Porizkova. But are all Czech mail order brides this much beautiful? What is the secret of their charm? Here are your answers.

Czech brides have a stunning physique

Undoubtedly, Czech girls can be named some of the slimmest and tallest European women. First, they are naturally well-shaped, but many of them work hard to remain fit. Czech brides love taking care of their body, and most importantly, they do it not for men but themselves. So even after you marry a Czech woman, she won’t stop looking good.

Czech women are more diverse than you think

Many believe that Czech brides are mostly blonde. They are much more diverse. In the Czech Republic, women have all hair colors from fair to dark, and even if you find a blonde, that’s not necessary she’s the natural one.

They have attractive square-like faces and long straight noses, sometimes with cute humps on them.

Czech girls embrace their natural endowments

Czech brides don’t use as much makeup as girls in Ukraine or Russia, for example. You may think that they are lazy, but in reality, they just don’t need it. Czech girls feel confident enough and don’t think there’s a necessity to hide their «imperfections». Many men love their natural beauty, and there’s a lot to like!

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What are Czech girls like?

For you to learn more about the personality of Czech mail order brides, read on!

Czech brides are proud

If you think that to win a Czech lady, all you need to do is to show her your attitude and be assertive, you’re deeply mistaken. Czech brides spot guys like this easily and leave them aside.

Women in Czechia are looking for pure love, and they seek men who are not fake and behave like themselves. They also know how much they’re worth and wouldn’t waste time with people who do not deserve them.

They have warm ties with their families

Even though Czech women are very independent and ambitious, they do not give up on their families. They have very warm feelings towards their parents, siblings and other close relatives. This is a good sign because a woman who cherishes her own family always creates a strong family on her own.

Czech women are cool

You will never feel bored with a Czech bride. Women in this country can be serious, but funny too! Their laughter is infectious, their attitude to life is positive, you can always have interesting conversations with them. That’s all because Czech male order brides are smart and educated, and, as we know, smart people have an incredible sense of humor.

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Why do Czech ladies become mail order brides?

Have you ever wondered what pushes Czech women to register on mail order bride sites and start looking for husbands abroad? In 2014, for example, Czech women made 70% more marriages to foreigners than to their fellow male citizens. Czech brides keep preferring Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian men, as well as Americans, British and Germans.

Here are the reasons why this is happening:

  1. Czech women aren’t happy in local marriages. The Czech Republic has some of the highest divorce rates in Europe – almost 50% of all married couples decide to stay apart. Interestingly, the population of women in Czechia is slightly lower than that of men, but despite the competition among the latter, divorces still happen. That’s why Czech women look for alternatives overseas.
  2. Czech girls don’t want to be at the crossroads. Some Czech women decide to become mail order brides because they want to either pursue the Western, Eastern, or another lifestyle. The West is still highly associated with freedom for Czech women (the opposite to communist past). They want to face different mentality, explore the world, and see something different than what people are used to in their own country.
  3. Czech brides want more love. For some reason, Czech women believe that foreigners can give them more love. If Czech mail order brides want passionate husbands, they would go for Latinos, if they want stables ones, they would choose Americans, etc. Whoever their dream-partner is, they simply seek greater love.
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Why do Czech mail order brides make ideal spouses?

So what are the qualities that distinguish Czech mail order brides from other potential wives?

  • Czech wives are loyal.
  • They are traditional in love and family affairs.
  • They are wise and know how to resolve family conflicts.
  • Czech women are very caring.
  • Family reunions are important to them.
  • If a Czech woman is in love, her universe will be revolving around her husband.
  • They won’t let their kids get sick (and husband too).
  • Czech wives will never let anyone be hungry.
  • They can share a glass of good Czech beer with you (but still control your drinking!).
  • Czech wives are cute when they laugh at husbands’ jokes.

If you’re interested in having a wife like that, learn how to date Czech girls below!

How to date Czech mail order brides?

Dating Czech women may not be as scary as you may think. These ladies are open-minded and look forward to seeing foreigners. Here are a few things you need to do for succeeding:

  1. Remember about courtesy. Opening doors and helping her on with the coat is a great strategy to win the heart of a Czech beauty.
  2. Don’t brag about money and cars. You can’t buy Czech girls with things like that, they have pride and are looking for sincere men who can be themselves.
  3. Treat her as an equal. A Czech woman is looking for a lifetime partner to whom her personality would matter, but not a guy who would treat her like an eye-candy.
  4. You can date older Czech women. In Czechia, women are fine with dating younger guys, try it out!
  5. Don’t be worried about your appearance too much. The only thing that Czech girls need from you is to be neat.
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How will your married life be with a Czech wife?

Undoubtedly, Czech women are some of the best wives on earth. But as a foreigner, you may not be ready for the cultural differences. Read about them now, before you start wooing a Czech male order bride:

  • When living with a Czech wife, you will have to change your clothes once you get back home. You can’t wear at home the same trousers as you wear at work or when going to groceries.
  • A Czech wife will never let you (or guests) wear shoes at home or walk barefoot. There will always be a couple of slippers for everyone.
  • You may have uncomfortable debates about religion and race with her relatives. If your Czech bride is open-minded (that’s actually why she started a relationship with a foreigner), her relatives and friends might not be so. Brace for hot discussions and don’t take anything personally.
  • Get ready to eat amazing Czech cuisine 24/7. A Czech wife will feed you with a lot of fried cheese, dumplings, potato, schnitzels and strudels.
  • You will fall in love with local beer. As a rule, around the world, this is not a lady’s drink. But in Czech, this rule doesn't work. You'll always have a bottle of delicious traditional beer at home. Czech women for marriage never get drunk. Beer is a part of their culture, and they expect you to appreciate this.

Top myths about Czech brides debunked

Many foreigners visit the Czech Republic in search of wives, but unfortunately, many of them have a wrong understanding of who Czech girls are. We will help you to get a clearer picture:

Myth #1. Czech girls are cheap

Tourists believe that Czech girls are cheap and easy to get. This is not true though. It the Czech Republic, only beer is cheap, but not girls in any way. If you think you can easily get a Czech girl for a one night stand, you’re deeply wrong.

Czech girls, as we have already mentioned, are proud and know how much they’re worth. It will take you quite a lot of time to win their heart. And no sex talks on the first date, by the way!

Myth #2. Czech mail order brides are racist

In some surveys, Czech parents were asked if they minded their children to date black, Muslim, Asian or Jewish people. The results showed that Czechia is among some of the most xenophobic countries in Europe. There is a perception that Czechs aren’t tolerant. But what you need to understand that this applied to mostly older generations of people who saw communism.

Also, take into account that racist Czech girls would never look for a husband from overseas. So you can be sure you will have no problems with Czech mail order brides – they are more open-minded than their fellow citizens.

Myth #3. Czech women cheat

Compared to Western standards, Czech people seem to deem extramarital affairs more than anybody else. However, the statistics show that the perception of adultery and adultery itself are different things. Out of all Czech women, only 24% are married cheaters. Czech men cheat way more – 33%.

Don’t let these bias stop you on the way to your love!

czech girl

How can you find a Czech mail order bride?

You may bump into your Czech love in Prague or Brno, but only if you’re lucky. So don’t risk and use the Czech mail order bride sites for finding a wife.

  1. Register on several reputable Czech bride sites
  2. Create an attractive profile
  3. Be active, text different girls & don’t focus too much on one type
  4. Send Czech brides flowers (they love chivalry)
  5. Agree to meet in life!

The bottom line

Czech women are astonishing. It’s easy to date them, they make great wives and mothers. They are proud and won’t waste time on guys who don’t deserve them, yet they are simple in communication and don’t mind dating younger men. Also, they don’t care much about the appearance of men. If you want to be truly happy, marrying a Czech bride is the right decision!

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