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Most Beautiful & Wise: All About Ukrainian Brides

Ukrainian mail order brides are some of the most popular women seeking marriage in the world. Many foreign men describe them as the most beautiful ladies on earth, super-caring, lovely, and ambitious. But most importantly, many men see Ukrainian women as the perfect «marriage material» since they are supportive, family-centered and non-conflict. Is it really so? What are the real qualities that Ukrainian girls possess?
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The beauty of Ukrainian brides is legendary, so are their multiple talents. For example, Ukrainian women are known for cooking, being funny, multitasking, versatile and very smart. No wonder that men from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, the EU and many other countries prefer marrying them.

If you are also interested in getting a Ukrainian wife, this article is for you. Here you will learn about what makes Ukrainian brides special, how to date them and what the post-marriage life with a Ukrainian lady will be like.

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What makes Ukrainian brides so special?

There are so many women for marriage in Eastern Europe, and all of them are popular among foreigners. What makes Ukrainian mail order brides stand out among Russian, Czech, Polish, Belarusian and other brides? Take a look at this:

Ukrainian women are ambitious

Ukrainian women want to achieve their best in all spheres of life, either it’s family or work. If they work, they’ll make sure to have a good position, salary or they will stick to a great idea behind their job.

When it comes to family, they will sacrifice anything for it to thrive. They have big dreams – from materialistic (e.g. buy a house for a family) to emotional (make everyone around happy), and they aspire to them. If a Ukrainian woman sees a target, she sees no obstacles on the way to it.

They know what they want

Ukrainian brides don’t date all guys around. They are very selective – Ukrainian girls know what they want so they won’t waste time on guys who aren’t worth their attention. Also, they don’t take no for an answer, so if a Ukrainian woman wants something, she will get it. So beware, a foreign man, for a Ukrainian woman may conquer your heart if she likes you.

They are very devoted and respectful to husband

When you find a Ukraine girl for marriage, you have got a treasure. They know how to respect the husband and take care of him from an early age. Mothers share knowledge with their daughters. Everyone knows that this makes Ukrainian brides best for marriage.

Ukrainian women are simply good at everything

Whatever a Ukrainian bride does, she achieves great results. Ukrainian women are good at cooking, bringing up children, designing their houses, entertaining guests, planning and managing domestic things, etc. A Ukrainian wife is a type of a wife of who the entire husband’s family would be proud. Others will be just jealous of her.

ukrainian bride

The appearance of Ukrainian mail order brides

In Ukraine, women are expected to look astonishing. And that’s exactly what they do! What are the recreates of the beauty that Ukrainian girls possess? Is it luck, plastic surgeries or tonnes of cosmetics? We don’t think so.

Ukrainian girls are born beautiful

Even though Ukrainian ladies love using makeup and doing pretty hairstyles, it’s not because they lack natural beauty. To the contrary, these Slavic women have the best physical endowments. They are usually middle-height, they have slim or curvaceous bodies, cute and proud faces.

But the thing about Ukrainian brides is that they know how to emphasize their natural advantages, that’s what attracts men in them.

Ukrainian women are diverse

Ukrainians are perceived as Slavic people mostly, however, many other people live on the territory of the country. There are also many mixed people. In Ukraine women may have the blood of not only Ukrainians but also Polish, Russians, Tatars, Greek, Romanians, Caucasians and many others.

There are different types of Ukrainian women – from sweet blondes, diligent girls with the hair color of sandal tree to passionate brunettes. Ukrainian brides are for each taste.

Ukrainian brides have an amazing sense of fashion

This doesn’t need many explanations – go to Ukraine or visit a Ukrainian mail order bride site to see how the girls dress up!

ukrainian girl

The main characteristics of Ukrainian girls

As you know how Ukrainian brides look like, now let’s move on to finding out what they are actually like.

Ukrainian women are altruistic

Ukrainian ladies are brought up with a belief that they have a mission – take care of the closest people. They may seem cold-hearted at first, but that’s how most people in the post-USSR area behave. Once you get into the circle of the beloved people of a Ukrainian woman, she will make sure you have everything you want – from delicious food to a warm supportive conversation.

Ukrainian women are sincere

Of course, there are some exceptions – some girls in Ukraine do lie (like anywhere else). But in most cases, they are sweet, sincere, and straightforward ladies. Ukrainian girls follow their heart. If they don’t like something, they will say it straight away. If they can’t say it, they will just avoid the situation or the person. You can rely on a Ukrainian woman in many terms, she will never let you down.

Ukrainian ladies want to be loved

The best thing about Ukrainian women that most foreigners appreciate is that they are open to being loved. Yes, you will have to «fight» for their heart, but it’s rather a test that Ukrainian girls want men to pass. Besides, they are ready to love and to be loved.

ukraine woman

Why do Ukrainian girls become mail-order brides?

One may wonder why such beautiful and talented Ukrainian women would seek husbands abroad. Are there problems with men within Ukraine? Or do Ukrainian brides just want to live a better life? Here are true reasons:

  1. Ukrainian brides seek different mentality. Many Ukrainian men have a limited mindset: to get a job, feed the family, have fun with pals, drink, but nothing which would be out-of-the-box. Ukrainian ladies are bored and they want to pursue some visions, face challenges outside stereotypes. If a Ukrainian woman dates an American guy, it’s because she adores his strive for the American dream.
  2. There is a shortage of men in Ukraine. According to statistics, in Ukraine women make up 53.7% of the population, while there are only 46.3% of men. Take into account the fact that many of the men are already married, some are at the war, and others prioritize drinking – that’s why Ukrainian girls become mail order brides.
  3. Ukrainian brides don’t want to be abandoned. The divorce rate in Ukraine is high – more than 50% of Ukrainian matrimonies break up. Very often it’s the man who leaves the woman with children. Also divorces happen because neither in the couple was mature enough for the marriage (the society expects people to marry at the age of 21-25). Ukrainian mail order brides don’t want this to happen to them, so when they are psychologically ready, they look for husbands abroad.
  4. They want stability. It’s obvious that Ukraine is a transition country and many things don’t go smoothly there (even though Ukraine is amazing and full of talented people!). But not all Ukrainian women can wait, so they seek stability near strong and confident men from other countries.
  5. Ukrainian girls want love. They simply want to care about someone special and be loved too.
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Why are Ukrainian wives the best?

Ukrainian mail order brides make perfect wives because:

  • They are very caring
  • They prioritize family (however, they never give up on their career, Ukrainian girls are very independent!)
  • Ukrainian mail order brides don’t seek happiness in husbands (these girls have enough happiness to share it with others)
  • They are perfect cooks! (if you marry a Ukrainian woman you will be surprised how inventive she can be in preparing food)
  • Ukrainian girls have an amazing sense of humor
  • They are ideal family managers (a Ukrainian woman is the one who will make an appointment, what to buy at groceries, and when to invite guests)
  • Ukrainian women are multitasking (cooking, cleaning and babysitting at the same time? A Ukrainian wife can do it! But do not abuse her abilities – she can do it but it doesn’t mean you should take it for granted)
  • They are awesome housewives (it doesn’t mean that they stay at home all the time but that they perfectly manage all the chores)
  • Ukrainian wives are dedicated in love (if they love a man – he’s the center of the universe for them!)
ukrainian wife

How to date Ukrainian mail order brides?

When it comes to dating, Ukrainian male order brides are pretty traditional. Follow these tips to succeed in dating a Ukrainian girl:

  1. Be a gentleman. Ukrainian girls expect men to treat them like queens – keep the distance at the dawn of your relationship, pay for them in restaurants and cinemas, bring bouquets, show respect to their parents.
  2. Respect a Ukrainian bride. Ukrainian girls won’t put up with inappropriate treatment. Not only your words but your actions should matter too.
  3. Be a man of your word. Never give a Ukrainian mail order bride promises that you won’t be able to fulfill.
  4. Don’t tell her what to do. Ukrainian brides seem to be conventional – they want to have a family, serve their beloved man, etc. But this doesn’t mean that you should abuse their endeavors. It’s only her who decided whether to be family-centered or not, but if you tell her what to do – she will dump you.

How will your marriage life be with a Ukrainian wife?

What will be pleasant surprises and challenges of sharing domestic life with a Ukrainian beauty? Well, here they are:

  • Ukrainian wives don’t cook spicy food. If you’re used to eating Mexican or Indian spicy-hot food, forget about it in a Ukrainian house. It’s not only because Ukrainians aren’t used to it, but it’s also because they consider it unhealthy.
  • Ukrainian women don’t waste anything. They will never throw away food or clothes. They will make sure they can cook something delicious and creative out of food leftovers, and reuse the clothes or give them away. That’s the concept of a «good housewife» in Ukraine.
  • A Ukrainian woman will expect you to be responsible for family chores. There’s a saying in Ukraine: «The husband is the head but the wife is the neck, the head looks where the neck turns». A Ukrainian wife will plan and manage everything, giving multiple tasks to her husband such as taking the kids to the kindergarten, repairing something in the house, etc.
  • You will become a part of a big family. Relatives are essential for these ladies. After marrying a Ukrainian woman, you'll get acquainted with her extended family. You'll become an equal relative for all of them, and they'll talk with you like with a mate. Also, after you marry a Ukrainian woman, get ready to take guests for a visit at your place often. People from this country adore family gatherings and prefer to make them delicious.
ukrainian brunette

Top myths about Ukrainian brides debunked

Many foreigners, who are newcomers in online dating, are still not sure if they know all the truth about Ukrainian male order brides. Check out if these myths are our or not.

Myth #1. Ukrainian women are materialistic

It’s true that older Ukrainian women teach their daughters to look for husbands with «an apartment, a car, and a stable job». This is understandable that senior Ukrainian ladies went through many struggles due to historical reasons, and they want to prevent their daughters from the same fate.

However, the times are changing, and new generations of Ukrainian ladies are more emancipated. Even though they know it’s a good idea to marry a financially stable person, it’s not an end in itself for them. A loving Ukrainian mail order bride also believes that «a cottage is a castle for those in love».

Myth #2. Ukrainian brides want to migrate

Ukrainian women are very open-minded, they look forward to traveling and seeing the world, but it doesn’t mean that they get married only to change the place of their living. Ukrainian brides are very patriotic, and even if they have to leave their home for the husband, they will always care about their Fatherland.

Myth #3. Ukrainian mail order brides are arrogant

There’s a belief that Ukrainian girls are arrogant, narcissistic, and cold-hearted. In fact, this is just a misinterpretation of their introversion. Ukrainians, in general, seem a nation of closed, less friendly people compared to Latinos, for example. In reality, if you spend more time with a Ukrainian beauty and show her you’re the one to be trusted, she will open her heart for you.

How can you find a Ukrainian mail order bride?

Many Ukrainian brides are waiting for their «knight on a white horse». So it’s not easy to find them, just:

  1. Choose the best Ukrainian mail order bride sites
  2. Create an attractive profile there
  3. Be initiative – don’t wait for girls to text you first
  4. Use such features as gifts and flowers delivery
  5. Get ready for the first offline date

The bottom line

Ukrainian mail order brides are very popular among Western and other men because they make ideal wives. They are very supportive, caring, and can do anything for their family. If you want to date a Ukrainian woman with a perspective of marrying her, go for online dating first – this will help you to save a lot of money on traveling!

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